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my concern for this potential pandemic is somewhat mitigated by some differences between 1918 and today. Among those is that people in the developed countries are much healthier by comparison to those of 1918. Advances in medical care and preventative medicine has increased 1000-fold in the past 100 years. Every year, we are scared by reports of the "next deadly flu outbreak" that never materializes.
I don't mean to belittle the legitimate concerns made in the article, but it's just a bit too alarmist for me. It's seems that most of the deaths occur in underdeveloped or rural areas, where access to proper medical care is not readily available.

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I loved this episode and I think I'm falling in love with I see a kind of parallel between the vainglorious bill clinton and his dropping of the Osama football (as it were) and Logan's hubris-induced fit of vengeance that allows Marwan to escape and to possibly detonate a nuke somewhere on the east coast. Both presidents are weak and did things for personal reasons, and not the security of Americans.
Someone mentioned that the scene with Cloe firing a sub-machine gun (I think that's what it was) and killing the killer was a reach. I disagree; for all we know she could be a charter member of the NRA lol.
I think in the next episode we'll see an even stronger Cloe, and possibly even see her next year out in the field. Jack and Cloe....What a team that would be!

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