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JRoland - I agree that there are things that could be done. But who will do it? Neither current politicians not law enforcement organizations have the will to enforce the law. Employers (read "political supporters")like the cheap labor force. Are there really 50 million Americans ready to stand against violent illegals? I hope there are that many, but even if there are, where does that leave the balance of Americans? Supportive of cheap landscapers, and cheap drivers, and cheap lettuce pickers, and cheap construction workers, etc. When the shooting starts, which side will really be outnumbered?

I hope you are correct, but I fear we have already gone too far.

Comment Posted By rickv On 3.05.2006 @ 16:09

I believe the battle is already lost. When 500,000 march in LA, what can law enforcement really do? Can you call in the Guard? How many are hispanic? Will they actually use force against "los hermanos"? You will see a scenario similar to the one played out at the Kremlin years ago when soldiers climbed out of their tanks and walked away. Our culture is already gone, soon our Constitution will follow.

Comment Posted By rickv On 3.05.2006 @ 14:55



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