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Let's not also forget that when the Social Security Act was enacted, it would start giving benefits at age 65. The average life span of a white male at the time was 58, and even less than that for a black male. In other words, it was never meant to cover as many people as it does simply because they would not live long enough to collect. FDR, and his Democratically held congress were fully aware of the age expentancy rates when they set the age to start collecting benefits at 65.

There is an excellent book out that gives a shock to one's brain on how social entitlement benefits are robbing Americans; Stealing From Each Other was written by a 30 year economic professor who out lines it all.

Comment Posted By retire05 On 13.10.2009 @ 17:05


When the Tea Party movement first started, it was ignored by the Progressive (MSM) Media as being just a bunch of nuts and kooks who were mad because a black man had been elected President. "This will never go anywhere and the kook movement is doomed" they shouted.

But there are a few things that most do not want to pay attention to.

When average Americans showed up at the recent town hall meetings with their elected representatives, they came with Congressional bills in hand. They had gone on line and read the bills, and although they were not Constitutional lawyers, they were smart enough to know that this was not just a way to help the uninsured, it was a total revamping of our entire health care system. They had gone on line and had read TARP and the "cap and trade" bill and they knew what was in them. Again, these ordinary Americans, who had never protested in any way, were showing up telling Congress critters "Enough is enough."

Take a look at the signs you saw yesterday. And look at the people. You did not see mass produced signs being carried by throngs of people all wearing the same [purple] t-shirts. What you saw were home made signs and Americans in normal street clothes. You saw 30-something Americans who have recently bothered to read the Constitution for the first time since they tried to skim through it in high school civics class. Only this time, they REALLY read it. You saw Americans who understood that they have a responsibility to leave the America they love, and grew up in, to the next generation.

They have been called Nazis, racists, kooks, birthers, radical right-wingers and every name that is possible for the media and the DNC to throw at them. They have been dismissed, discounted and yes, abused by those who placed no importance on them. They have been labeled "insurance company" shills yet the media, and the DNC has never provided any proof that any protester has been paid by any insurance company. But they spent their own money, hired their own buses, and loaded up for D.C. with no one but some neighbor organizing them. So for as much as the media tries to dismiss the marchers yesterday by only showing the worst of the placards (Obama as Hitler by a LaRouche supporter) and none of the ones slamming the entire Congress, it will only anger more Americans who feel they are not being represented honestly in an industry that has clearly sold out to their own 1970's standards.


If you want someone to work against you, continue to insult them.

Surabaya Stew, to equate this to the Code Pink protesters during the Bush administration is wrong. This is a movement in numbers that can only be equated to the late 60's-early 70's anti-war protesters and to think that they should be dismissed is to not understand that protests CAN change the policies of the government, for had not young university students, backed by the CPA, taken to the streets with speakers like Jane Fonda and John Kerry, we would not have withdrawn from Vietnam when we did.

Why now, the left askes. Why not during the Bush administration? The answer is simple. Everything has a breaking point, a saturation point. A point where the bucket is full to the brim and the handle can't hold the weight of the water.

There is a change coming in America, but it is not the change that the current administration counted on. As Americans realize that they can no longer rely on the media for accurate information, they are turning to blogs, such as this one, to present them will a little honesty. And blame talk radio as you will, you do so at your peril for you see, Americans are not stupid and will listen only to make their own decisions on what is happening. Remember to old adage "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".

For an administration that seems to be so "tech" saavy, you would think it would realize that the internet can also be its enemy as it tries to shove down the throats of Americans policies that are non-typical of our American system.

You see, some of us have also read Alinsky and know that we can use the same tactics against the left as the left has used Alinsky's tactics against conservatives.

Comment Posted By retire05 On 13.09.2009 @ 14:07


It is obvious that Americans are never going to be told the truth about the macinations of D.C. and it has now been left up to the bloggers to ferret out the truth.

Bloggers are doing the work that the MSM has historically been responsible for. Just like the [quiet] news that broke yesterday that the Orange County Register (a left leaning publication) had gone under because of $425 million debt. Who holds most of that debt? JP Morgan/Chase who has agreed to forgive what OCR owes them. But remember, JPMC got $25 BILLION in taxpayer bailouts so really, the American taxpayer just bailed out OCR. Who in the administration approved the forgiving of that debt? And why is JPM/C being allowed to replace management at the OCR? That had to be approved by this administration, but remember, JPM/C was one of Obama's largest campaign contributors.

Would we know these things if it were not for the bloggers? No. And the best way to keep us informed is for the blogs to work together. That was the point I was trying to make.

Comment Posted By retire05 On 8.09.2009 @ 10:16

Rick, I see that age has not improved you attitude toward those that might question your authority. Perhaps if you wanted the entry to be simply about the reaction of the left, you should have left out the line "Forget Glen Beck and Fox News".

What a shame that you cannot bring yourself to give credit where credit is due.

Comment Posted By retire05 On 7.09.2009 @ 18:12

Tell me, Rick, would it have caused your head to explode to give a little credit to Beck and another blogger, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, both who did yoeman's work in exposing Van Jones for the radical nut case he is?

You may not like Beck's methods (fair) but he did what no one else seemed able to accomplish; exposing a radical, racist communist in the current admnistration that had access to $30 BILLION in directing money toward "green" jobs. Beck created public outcry, and hopefully he will now concentrate on those like Sunstein, Holdren and Ezekial Emanual, all who have access to the President's ear.

This was an article on the left's reaction to Jones leaving. If you want to write something about Beck, I suggest you get your own blog and do so. Do not come here and tell me what to write on mine.


Comment Posted By retire05 On 7.09.2009 @ 16:23


Rick seems to be soiling his Hanes with his ability to slam Sarah Palin, once again.

Can his complaints on Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Newt Gingrich and other conservative pundits be far behind?

Sometimes it is hard to tell just who Rick thinks is the enemy as he slams shut the door to his fabled "big tent".

Comment Posted By retire05 On 8.08.2009 @ 13:35


Rick, if you are going to remove my entries, at least be man enough to tell me that you don't like me coming here and disagreeing with you so you are banning me to the netherlands of the internet.

And do it publically, so all that come here can read it.

I have never been profane, never called you a name, and for you to remove someone's post simply because they disagree with you belies your "big tent" mantra.

Never called me a name? yeah, right. You have been hyper criticial - unreasonably and illogically so. Besides, caught some of your comments elsewhere on the net about me that were so full of hate one wonders why you even bother to come here.

And you obviously didn't read my response on another thread (for all to see) where I said that was the last comment you will leave here.

I banned your IP because I am tired of you. Read whatever you like but any comment you leave from now on will be deleted.


Comment Posted By retire05 On 16.04.2009 @ 08:47


ChuckTucson, oh, yes, lets' do talk about Hepting vs. ATT. Let's talk about the Electonic Frontier Foundation who brought the law suit and started by the lyicist for the Grateful Dead (I'm sure no drugs were involved when that organization got kicked off). And most of all, let's talk about their star whistle blower, Mark Klein.

Now, the left wing media went nuts over Klein, who has been listed as either an ATT engineer or an ATT technician. He was neither. His official ATT/CWA status was "frame attendant, Area 1".

Now Klein makes some pretty outlandish claims. And I am more than happy to debunk them since the 9th Circus Court of Appeals has decided to take the case.

Klein claims he worked for ATT, first in New York, then in California. But he would have had to quit ATT/NY and re-hire ATT/California and since ATT was disbanded before he did that, he really went to work for PacTel (Pacific Bell) which is now ATT and has been for quite a while. He retired in 2004 after 22 years of total service, and if you were curious, you can reseach the history of ATT, PacTel and New York Bell. Not that I think you will. He simply calls it ATT because that is now it's corporate name.

Klein claims that a special room was built to handle the illegal wire tapping. It is called a "frame" and there are many frames to a communications system. Ones in small towns or neighborhoods that connect to the "main frame". The main frame at the old St. Louis headquarters was located at 1010 Pine. The main frame (that ties in all the smaller frames) in Austin is on Silver Dollar.

Klein also claims that he was working at an office responsible for the internet service when an NSA agent showed up and wanted to see the "set up". This is bogus because the police are not allowed into any facility without a first line supervisor. So Klein would not have been allowed to allow ANYONE into the frame without a first line being in attendence. Standard procedure for any of the Bells, along with ATT, has always been that the police have the area supervisors phone number and if admittance is required into a facility, the police have to be escorted by management. So his claim that an NSA agent just showed up is totally bogus.

Klein also claims he was given a "wiring diagram" to the secret room. Hello, all frame attendents have wiring diagrams to the frame. Guess what, they are on a clip board, hanging on the wall inside the frame. Some secret, right?

Also, Klein claims that he "stumbled upon documents that, he said, nearly caused him to fall out of his chair. The documents, he said, showed that the NSA gained access to massive amounts of email and search other internet records..........." Klein said that although he did not have a "security clearance", the documents were not classified.

ATT does not give "security clearance". In order to get into an ATT building, you are given, at time of hire, a bar-coded ID card that opens the doors to the frame. And documents, unless they pertain to the frame attendent specifically, are not just allowed to lay around.

Now to Klein himself. He is a nut case. He filed a number of union grievances claiming that management was following him around. None of those grievances ever went to arbitration as they, like the rest of his tall tales, were bogus.

Klein is also claiming that ATT hacked into the frames of other communication companies.

Klein is a grassy knoll kinda guy, as you seem to be. He also admits that he was in Washington, D.C. in 1969 as a Vietnam war protester.

Now, I am sure you are wondering how I know all this. Simple, 33 years with ATT (first with Southwestern Bell, then SBC, then ATT, then Bell South which was acquired by ATT). One of my best friends is a frame attendent at the main frame in Austin.

Thanks for providing a good laugh. Had EFF taken this case to any other court in the land other than the 9th Circus, they would have been laughed out of the court room.

But let's just assume that the FBI wants to tap someone's phone and asks the communications company to assist. The procedure requires first a court order, presented to management by a FBI agent, at which time, it is management, not some union flunkie that sets up the tap. Also, at no time is the FBI allowed to remain unattended without upper management being present.

The ACLU/Michigan tried to take the federal government to court saying that their phone conversations with their clients at Gitmo were being wire tapped. The court threw it out for lack of evidence.

Perhaps you can get under Rick's bed now that he has come out from under it.

That's the last comment you will leave at this site. You want to piss on someone, go piss on your wife.


Comment Posted By retire05 On 14.04.2009 @ 14:19

ChuckTucson, perhaps you would like to give us a list of names of people whose civil rights have been violated by illegal wiretapping? Not just your standard crap that it has happened. Names. Dates. Convictions obtained for the violation of an individual's civil rights obtained by the ACLU? How did that law suit filed by the Michigan ACLU work out?

Did you have the same reservations when the Eschelon Program was in force? Or are you one of those liberals when asked about the Eschelon Program says "What? What program? Never heard of it."?

No one is looking to the left to protest. If we were, we would be deploying the tactics of CodePink, NION, ANSWER Internation and all the other left wing groups that use violence when protesting. I am sure you are not going to see rioting in the streets, bricks thrown through store windows, orange paint being sprayed on the Capital steps and Obama being portrayed as beheaded on a placard.

I am not going to be marginalized. I am one person, speaking my voice, exercising my First Amendment rights. I have never tried to deny the left the same right.

Perhaps you should get off the internet, Chuck. I am sure you are being monitored by the evil Bush regime. Oh, wait, Bush is no longer out of office, so if you are being monitored, there must be another force behind it.

I will be waiting for those cases of violation of civil liberties by illegal wire tapping. I'm sure you have them handy.

Comment Posted By retire05 On 14.04.2009 @ 09:57

Rick, would this report have any bearing on the report recently issued by Missouri that said law enforcement should view with suspicious anyone who displayed such signs (bumper stickers, window stickers, etc) as Ron Paul bumper stickers, pro-gun stickers, stickers related to Christianity, the "Don't Tread On Me" flag and a number of others?

For a copy of the Missouri directive read:

The blogger, Gateway Pundit, first brought this to the attention of his readers. It seems that once it was made public, the State of Missouri pulled it back. Remember, it was the St. Louis prosecuting attorney's office that said it would arrest, and prosecute, any one they deemed was spreading false rumors about Obama.

But unlike some, I am not worried about the hand of Big Brother hooking up to listen to me organize our local Tea Party with my Democratic Party counterpart. And if the NSA wants to listen to me bitch about the cost of my uninsured motorist insurance (that I have to carry because illegals drive in Texas without insurance and without licenses), they are free to do it. So far, I haven't seen any black vans outside my house or any black helicopters hovering over it.

So Rick, are you willing to admit that on some issues, Glenn Beck is not as crazy as you would like to portray him? Are you now willing to admit that there are passages in the GIVE Act that places restrictions on children and forces school districts to implement the GIVE Act or forfeit federal educational funding?

Also, I have been told to inform the Tea party attendees that if anyone asked them for thier names/addresses they are to simply respond by answering John/Jane Q. Citizen on Everyman Street. Seems the left intends to take names. Why would that be?

Comment Posted By retire05 On 14.04.2009 @ 09:14

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