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"During the "political propaganda campaign to sell the war to the American people," Bush and his team tried to make the "WMD threat and the Iraqi connection to terrorism appear just a little more certain, a little less questionable than they were." Something else was downplayed as well, McClellan says: any discussion of "the possible unpleasant consequences of war _ casualties, economic effects, geopolitical risks, diplomatic repercussions."

-Scott McClellan

Maybe this is what ails conservatism.

Comment Posted By rethuglican On 28.05.2008 @ 18:51


Let's face it Rick, your readers are wingnuts. Most of them are cowards who think that by throwing a few Arab names around that they can impress all their friends they play RISK with.

The fact that we have had our torture cherry popped is the fault of Republicans. It is the most grevious of sins and it has sullied us in ways we can only guess.

I would love to watch Retire05 get waterboarded and then beg for mercy.

Tell you what, I'd like to see EVERY Republican tortured.

Is that so wrong?


Comment Posted By rethuglican On 10.04.2008 @ 09:58



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