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Yes, David Kjos, that seems to be what Rick is saying.

I guess he thinks it's better to have say, a secular humanist, who believes there is no objective basis for morality be an educator, rather than someone who believes that God has given guidelines (sometimes inconveniently known as "laws") to govern human relationships.

It also seems like he'd rather have a scientific "realist" who believes in survival of the fittest represent America than someone who believes man was made in God's image (no matter how long it took.)

Rick, consider that when you make such sweeping statements you run the risk of making yourself the hypocrite. (By the way, it doesn't sound like your critique above was served up with a smile but rather with anger and, at the least, distain. Can't you even be consistent to your principles in something as simple as a blog comment?)

Comment Posted By reframer On 29.11.2005 @ 12:28

Interesting that you would espouse a kind of tolerance and broadmindedness and then take such a narrow view yourself. You seen to indicate that the doctrinal view of an educational institution will, of necessity, have an particular effect on the thinking of anyone associated with that institution. You might consider that the doctrinal snips that you quoted likely describe the the doctrinal statements of universities attended by the authors of the Declaration and the Constitution. Somehow they seem to have transcended the kind of narrow thinking you fear. You might even consider that the larger worldview described by those doctrinal statements gave rise to the very rights, liberties, and protections we appreciate in this country.

Comment Posted By reframer On 28.11.2005 @ 22:43



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