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"grognard Said:

I don’t necessarily buy the Bush bashing charge as the motivation behind the truthers, there is a lot of money to be made selling people like Eric and redpill8 these types of “theories”."

Dear Grognard. I had to laugh when I saw this. You think that we in the 9/11 Truth movement are in it only for the money. Come on. I don't make one penny from my website, nor am I interested in making any money from it. It fact, I quit my job so I can write and spend more time as a truth activist, and, believe it or not, nobody is paying me shit. I am just living off my savings.

Also, I think you have a serious misunderstanding about Americans. Not all of us are chasing the buck. Some of us, like most 9/11 Truth activists I know, actually care about people, American and Iraqi alike, and want the insanity that this administration has foisted on the world to stop.

There is a picture of a Iraqi young girl you may or not have seen, who was unfortunate to be on the receiving side of a U.S. bomb. If you can look at this picture and not see the insanity of this war and why it must be stopped you are truly hopeless. ( This the only motivation I need, but it not the only reason I am a Truther. the evidence is solidly there. See,

Comment Posted By redpill8 On 22.08.2007 @ 10:20

"The documentary took no prisoners as it destroyed almost all of the major conspiracy theories associated with 9/11..."

Dear Moron, In your dreams. This "documentary" did no such thing. In fact, it is equally being laughed at (and shredded) by the Truth movement as your sad attempt of redeeming this farcically silly production by the History Channel -- 9/11: fact of Fiction. Not once did the producers of this program talk about the smoking-gun molten steel under the buildings (1, 2, & 7) some 8 weeks after the buildings came down, even though Stephen E. Jones had wanted them to include this information in the piece. Is that what you call "truth by omission"? Also, there was such obvious bias by the producers in calling the people that supported the government story "experts" but those that didn't, like the emminently-more-qualified-than-their-experts expert, Robert Bowman, just a "conspiracy theorist." Also, we saw the same pull-the-heartstrings, emotional, rhetorical tactics that good propagandists use like "how dare they (the conspiracy theorists) hurt the families members of 9/11 victims BS" ad nauseum. Using these tactics was just designed to get people from speaking up about the obvious inside job of 9/11. But, it's not working because more and more families of 9/11 victims are coming around to the TRUTH and supporting the Truth movement

Believe whatever you wish, but this did not harm the truth movement one iota. You can continue to believe in fairy tales if you want, but the rest of us are grown up enough to see the real nightmare the inhabits our daytime reality.

Comment Posted By redpill8 On 21.08.2007 @ 18:14



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