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Time to stop buying Disney products.

Comment Posted By ravs12 On 16.06.2009 @ 15:05


If Clinton had R congress what explains Bush's failure during his first six years. He didn't face off and veto any spending until Pelosi took over. If we are going to make a comeback let's at least recognize where bad policies were initiated during the 2001 to 2005 period. No vetos during first term. First President since JQ Adams. No fiscal discipline there.

Comment Posted By ravs12 On 19.05.2009 @ 16:05

I forgot to include the GOP Congress. At least Clinton did sign it. So I was half right.

Comment Posted By ravs12 On 19.05.2009 @ 15:48

The republican members of congress and the GOP need an economic lesson and a marketing lesson. We have lost sight of what worked during the the boom of 1980 to 2000. While lower taxes should be an emphasis they should not be the only emphasis. President Clinton was more of a conservative on economic issues than President Bush. While Pres. Bush did cut taxes the implementation was over a long period of time and he started his Presidency with tax rebates and did the same last summer. Very Carter, Nixon and Ford like. We need to promote the economic virtues that Jack Kemp and President Reagan promoted and not what the Bush family has promoted during their 12 years. There is more to economic policy than lower taxes. Stable money should be the staple. If it had been a greater focus by the Fed and the Bush administration, this downturn may not have been as painful and the dems would not have their scapegoat. Our tax code has become too progressive and is collapsing under its own weight. Personal responsibility, self preservation and pragmatism are not out of style. We need a new marketing program. Even the new democrats are beginning to have issues. If they are "blue dogs" where is the controlled spending and focus on moderation. The blue dogs have acted like lap dogs so far just like the lap dogs of the Republicans during the Bush years. Many of the problems that the Republicans have experienced over the last 2 election cycles are of their own making. It is not the fault of one sub-group within the party, but rather the entire party. We focused on short cuts and power bases and we lost. How much does this resemble the early 1970s? Maybe we should have had a different candidate in the 2004 election. The cracks were beginning back then but when there is no leadership at GOP HQ or from the party leaders, the heard disbands. It is time for the old guard in the Senate to move on instead of getting more from the good old boys' network. Focus on basics and drive the message home. The GOP should be supporting the grass roots and identifying how we can provide common sense solutions to today's issues.

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