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Fresh Air asked:

Since when is it logical to burn down a country’s embassy because a few newspaper editors from that country, though in no way representing it officially or unofficially, chose to publish some offensive cartoons?"


he following is an exerpt from an interview conducted by the Hindustan Times with Liaquat Hussain, secretary of the Bradford Central Mosque contrasted with statements from Flemming Rose, the cartoonist responsible for the original caricatures that appeared in Jyllands-Posten.

“This is clearly a demonstration by the Christian world of hostility towards the Muslim community,” he said. “This has come from all the nations of Europe and it reflects an ongoing campaign against Muslims by the Western powers. You can’t differentiate between the Western world and Christianity; you can’t separate what’s happened from the people of those countries and their governments. I blame all of the Western population because these cartoons reflect the opinion of the people.”

Liaquat Hussain

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