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>>Jeff Said:
>>I don’t get why people are “afraid” of
>>Social/family values Conservatives.
>>20 years ago, I believe most people
>>lived their lives with basically the
>>same “scary” morality Social Conservatives
>>espouse today. American Society as a whole
>>has moved to the left, and the traditional
>>American values that built this great
>>Country have seemingly all but disappeared.

Well, what exactly do you mean by "social value" or "family value"? To one person it means a decent minimum wage and affordable health care; to another person it means banning gay marriage. What you may see as loose-morals liberal dreck coming out of an out-of-touch Hollywood, I may see as sexist high-profit shlock from a moneygrubbing media industry made possible by excessive deregulation of our public airwaves -- and we can both see this as a "values" or even a "morals" issue.

As a fiscally-conservative, socially-liberal Independent, what makes me "afraid" of "social/family values Conservatives" is that they've demonstrated that their version of "family values" is largely focused on what people do in their own bedrooms, with their bodies, and on their own computers and TV screens. They've approached incredibly complex issues like abortion and gay rights with vitriol and myopic extremism, while largely ignoring _real_ family issues that affect millions like meaningful jobs, affordable health care and childcare, quality mass education, the shrinking middle class, etc.

I groaned when I saw Bill Clinton sharing a stage with Al Sharpton back in the 90's. But seeing Pat Robertson and James Dobson being all buddy-buddy with President Bush after Robertson publicly blamed gays and lesbians for causing 9/11? Now that's frightening.

Get a Goldwater on the ticket, and you'll get the Independent vote again. Until then, I'll take my chances with marginally competent Democratic Party focused on Iraq over a wingnut Republican Party focused on gays and stem cells.

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