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Every election brings change. The problem, this time, is the change that Obama would like to bring has been kept hidden from the general public. The electorate apparently has decided to vote for "change" but doesn't have a clue about what Obama would offer. It frustrates me to ask Obots what Obama will do and be met with a blank stare. I seriously believe that if the media had pushed Obama to go beyond platitudes into policies and beliefs, he would be 10 points behind. Hell, he would have lost the primary.

I actually agree that Obama's comments about coal were overblown yesterday. It was typical Obama banality, left-wing pablum and dressed up as some original thought not quite as dangerous as it sounds. Yet the mere fact the media's first reaction was to find who LEAKED the story tells me all I need to know. How much more, and things of substance, will come to light after he is elected?

Sure, Congress is likely to flip in two years. Obama likely won't be re-elected, either. But it won't be from a lack of a shield placed around him by the media.

I agree with you to this extent, #25. Obama will rise to power lawfully (ACORN cheating notwithstanding) through the ballot box. I disagree with your implication that it is because voters agree with his substance. They don't even know what it is, and would, I think, be appalled by much of it. I could accept a crushing loss after a campaign was waged on ideas, policies, and philosophy. What I cannot accept, and will labor mightily to correct, is a victory based on obfuscation, distortion, and secrecy. That is what appears about to happen.

Comment Posted By obamathered On 3.11.2008 @ 22:57


You are at least honest, bboot, even if hopelessly naive and misguided.

If only Sen. Obama would be as candid about his embrace of socialism and Marxism. I have been in some of the same legal and educational circles as he, and these philosophies are not considered outside the mainstream at all there. Unfortunately, Americans who embrace economic and personal liberty and who largely don't share these views will discover, all too late, they have elected a man who is anathema both to them and to a democratic republic. With a dumbed down electorate and socialist-leaning and largely ignorant media, McCain never really had a chance. Yet even the ignorant sheep who will flock to Obama probably wouldn't go there if they realized what he envisions for the future. He won't tell them, the media won't tell them, and they are basically too illiterate to discover for themselves they are about to elect a latte-sipping communist.

Comment Posted By obamathered On 27.10.2008 @ 20:50

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