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Did I say Steven? I meant Christopher will disappear. I don't know where I got the name Steven from.

Comment Posted By nstrdnvstr On 16.05.2006 @ 13:53

First of all, I do not understand why the officer in charge of the sub would open the hatch if he knew the bad guys were coming to attack them. Why wouldn't he just lock everyting down?

But in to the next episode:

Logan said there is a hitman that is going after Jack. I wonder if the hitman is someone we have already seen in a previous episode. Someone, will attempt to kill Jack at CTU headquarters.

The sub will be blown up. Steven will be assumed to be on the sub but will actually disappear alive, like he wants to do.

The recording will be restored, or Jack will bluff Logan into admitting what he did and record it by telling Logan that the recording has been restored. This will happen at the presidential retreat. Logan will call for security when Jack confronts him and Aaron will show up with Mike Novik and the first lady in tow. Logan will resign, still claiming that he has done the right thing and that it is not his fault that "things got out of control".

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So if the centox gas can be burned up and rendered harmless, wouldn't it get burned up in the homes at the water heater, gas stove, etc.? Wouldn't it only be released where there were significant gas leaks? And then if the gas pressure was reduced to 50%, wouldn't those leaks be less likely to happen?

Comment Posted By nstrdnvstr On 30.03.2006 @ 10:36



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