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also the missile that hit the pentagon theory is unbeleivably weak. no1, i mean no1, saw a missile. no missile debris, only flight 77 debris, missiles dont carry thousands of gallons of jet fuel. missiles dont carry passengers, all witnesses report seeing a plane.

Comment Posted By noconspiracy On 22.08.2007 @ 19:22

for any of you who are on the verge of being a 9/11 CT wacko. think about this. is there more evidence it was a conspiracy or that it wasn't a conspiracy. CT's need to think about this. Also, do u know that there is no proof at all bush went to iraq for oil, he is a sub-par president but not horiible and i dont hate him. im also going to shed some light on ignorant truthers. Q's that they want answered. sane people spread the word.

All bodies were identified on the AA 93 crash site, except one of baby girl.

All bodies were identified at the pentagon.

both sites had belongings of passengers and were returned to their families.

the video at the pentagon, the white stuff u see is not the plane, it is smoke from the engine after hitting the light pole. in the video u can actually see the back wing sticking up, but most of plane is covered by one of the the things sticking up right outside the booth.

truthers zsay no buildings have ever collapsed from fire, true, but were those buildings hit with JUMBO JETS

Comment Posted By noconspiracy On 22.08.2007 @ 19:17



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