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My $0.02:

When on my second year of college in 1991, I became friends with a classmate who was originally from Bulgaria. She and her fellow classmates in high school had to endure three cutthroat-and-jugular elimination tests, in order to determine their potential to study abroad. Once the final group was selected based upon each students' overall scores, the whole group had to take the SAT. Yes, the test every American high school senior loses sleep about.

Do you know what her verdict of the SAT (circa 1990) was? I'll tell you. She called it "a joke." I repeat: "A JOKE."

That conversation was an eye-opener for me. Now that I have a 14-month-old daughter, I don't want to take chances with her education. I don't want to take her to a public school, no matter how many "Blue Ribbons" it has. Too much of my education (and my husband's) has been self-taught. Public schools don't offer the love of learning: that has to come from the learner. I really didn't have a social life while in high school or college, but back then I preferred to read a good book than to "turn on, tune in, drop out."

This is yet another reason to homeschool your child, IMHO.

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After having read the comments on this thread, I have come to a terrifying conclusion.

Based especially upon the commenters who blame Bush no matter what he does or doesn't do, I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that there are people out there who will not rest, get on Prozac, take a vacation, or even have a day of relative peace in their lives unless they see that breaking news headline flashing on their TV screen, "President Bush Assassinated."

Don't tell me that this is not the logical conclusion to BDS. It just is.

Having seen how hate-and-paranoia filled those BDS sufferers really are, I fear for that man's life and safety. I know, I know the Secret Service is always watching. That's great.

But I just fear the day when someone passes under their radar and puts two bullets on his brain. I fear to see that day.

And if that ever happens, I will know exactly in which hands I will see his blood. Hint: Not on the victim.


Comment Posted By newton On 26.05.2006 @ 02:12



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