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'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

Levi - once again, if Obama had said something like that it would have gotten very friendly spin from the press, and because Palin said it it gets the worst possible interpretation.

I think it was utterly stupid of the campaign to say anything about her foreign policy expertise at all; the proper response would have been to simply point to the long list of Governors elected President or VP. Certainly nothing in Clinton's bag gave him any better foreign-policy chops.

Comment Posted By mrkwong On 29.09.2008 @ 12:03

I think it goes like this:

In her political career to date, she's been selling her own beliefs. She's been forceful, resourceful, and more than competent.

Unlike Obama and his expensive Harvard Law training, and unlike Reagan and his career as an actor, and unlike McCain with his decades in politics, she hasn't yet been trained to overcome the moral discomfort that comes with being a paid advocate - with trying to sell others' positions as your own.

And we know that her personal views do not necessarily line up with the McCain campaign's.

So if you 'unleash' her, you get a more articulate, more engaging version of what Joe Biden's been doing to the Obama campaign. The problem, of course, is that where Biden's continual overstepping of the reservation's boundaries are carefully hidden by the media, anything Palin says that contradicts McCain's positions will be headline news.

Now, the unfortunate part of all this is that a lot of us would rather be voting for her positions than his anyway.

Comment Posted By mrkwong On 29.09.2008 @ 12:00



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