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There is an emormous difference between the "truthers" and the so-called "nirthers".

In the first case, 911 is a massive conspiracy (seemingly involving a cast of thousands) involving the murder of thousands for crazed political benefits. This is conspiracy insanity on a cosmic scale.

The birth certifcate things seems to be simply asking Obama to present his certificate of live birth like any other job applicant. Why this bizarre dance around simply authorizing release of those records? Why not release Harvard transcripts, medical records (not the 1-page summary?).

The insidious power of the modern media is demonstrated by the trashing of the Swiftboat people. To this day, Kerry has never released his military records and signed the 180 form and John O'Neill ran circles around his detractors time after time. But, thanks to the MSM dishonest creeps, "swiftboating" is a term associated with "McCarthyism"

Comment Posted By Moose On 8.04.2009 @ 15:04

Labeling ideological opponents as "nuts" is a soviet type tactic. The Soviets locked up dissidents in psychiatric hospitals to both discredit them and take them off the streets. Now this tactic is pandemic on in the blogosphere in particular and our modern culture in general. We have become what we fought and defeated.

Glenn Beck is very provocative but I wager that Thomas Jefferson, among others would say that he is exactly what the country needs in times of crisis.

If people can expose Beck as a liar and fraud please do--but he seems to have far more credibility and common sense that the elites who have been lying routinely and provably, with little
repercussions, for years now.

Speaking of crazy cults--the leftwing Marxist cult of Jim Jones ended in the deaths of 1000 people. He was boosted by the likes of the SF liberal elites, the Carters, Ron Dellums and other lefties. The Obama cult seems to borrow strongly from Jim Jones.

Comment Posted By Moose On 8.04.2009 @ 11:33


What did you expect from the the Leo's of the left. The same thing happened to Greg, the nutroots took over as commenters. Our Repuiblican legislators that are waffling like you will meet the same reaction and they will go down to sure defeat in '08. That paper referenced by slimguy hit it right on the head. You have to have the will to WIN. Rick you seem to have lost the will to win and the lefties are going to eat you up for lunch,nomatter how much the bravado.

Comment Posted By Moose On 15.07.2007 @ 20:23


Lets not forget that there were no rosy predictions just before we went to war with Iraq. It was only after the easy victory in taking Baghdad( i will never forget a live telecast on Fox of imbed reporter Kelly in a tank during the start id the entry into Baghdad by the 2 infantry. It was like taking a walk in the park) , the ultra quick crumbling of the Iraqi military, and the worse event of all, Bush saying mission accomplished ,that we expected a clean and quick exit.
To me ,and i am a hawk, I have entertained the idea of invading Iran less than you. 1)Amahjed is not a rutless dictator like Sadaam and he is beholding to the mullahs. 2)Although he does a lot of yapping Iran has not overtly invaded any country like Sadaam did. 3)There has always been an undercurrent of opposition by the people of Iran against their strict rulers, unlike Iraq where Sadaam ruled with an iron fist.
Also can you please explain to me what is the disaster in Iraq. I know things are not perfect and things have not gone well but what is a disaster specifically.
I think it can be disasterous if we leave percipitously.

Comment Posted By Moose On 18.06.2007 @ 21:13


"Meanwhile, world events rush forward. Iran continues to thumb its nose at everyone. Pakistan becomes more unstable by the day – with its 60 nuclear weapons poised to possibly fall into the hands of Taliban lovers. Afghanistan still bleeds despite small successes. Lebanon is in danger from a desperate Syria who seeks to undermine its government to prevent an International Tribunal from declaring President Assad a common, murderous gangster. Chavez is taking Venezuela to hell. And the terrorists continue to plan murder on a cosmic scale."
SOUNDS AS IF YOU WANT TO GO TO WAR WAR WAR. But are you man enough to stick with it when the going gets rough. I think not by evidence of how you turned on this president when things are not going well( one man's stubborness is another man's courage) .
Your a weak-kneed conservative.There is something suspicious about you but i can't put my finger on it.

Comment Posted By Moose On 1.06.2007 @ 13:52


yes, you can go back to being a partisan hack again. To hear some of the problems with Bush that conservatives (spending being the largest), and all the issues liberals have it's hard to see how the dems couldn't come up with a candidate to win. I mean there aren't that many people who are satisfied with what this President has done, yet you couldn't convince anyone that Kerry would've been better. It's just sad. Nice post, I'll have to come back and read you more often even if I never agree with you again.

Comment Posted By moose On 27.05.2005 @ 15:17



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