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How many people end up in the slammer and think about suicide when the rainbow is enuf? And cry their eyes out in despair because no one likes them anymore?

How many of them get to plead to go home to mommy, and the local jailer says. "awright, you poor thing."

How many of us get to go to a special medical unit and get given free drugs (!!!) so that we can get some "sleep?"


Comment Posted By moonbat cat lover On 11.06.2007 @ 16:53


Did you actually watch/listen to Comey's testimony? Wherein he sang the praises of Ted Olsen? The same Ted Olsen who left a dinner party to go to the WH to meet with Gonzales and Card? And did you hear the part wherein Ashcroft's Chief of Staff asked him to delay his resignation until Ashcroft was well enough to resign along with everyone else?

BTW--Comey's 1st name is James, not Robert.

Thanks. I changed it.

Comment Posted By moonbat cat lover On 18.05.2007 @ 09:13


Great post Rick.

I was against the war in Iraq, even though I thought Saddam was a time bomb waiting to tick off. I was against it because I have lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East and I thought that a bloody civil war/insurgency was inevitable. For all the reasons that are now known, except for one: when a population as hot-headed as an Arab one has been brutally repressed for decades, hot-headedness will prevail. And I had no confidence that ANYONE in the Bush admin really understood this. Perhaps, if I felt that they really did understand the cultural and historical reality there, I would’ve been willing to consider the idea that an invasion made practical sense.

There was a window of opportunity to take Saddam out in 92, when we had the ground forces available as well as a real coalition to help pull off a real Marshal Plan. But that opportunity was squandered, for reasons I will never fully understand. My best guess is that it had a whole lot to do with the Saudis. Who were then, and are now, terrified of the idea of a Shiite majority democracy in Iraq–or anywhere else in the ME. This is an angle which deserves more investigation, imo.

That said, while I think that withdrawal is the only viable option left to us now (for all the reasons you have mentioned) I must admit, that as a bleeding heart leftist, I am uncomfortable with the idea that we went in there, smashed up the place, and bailed when the going got tough.

But, short of reinstituting a draft and raising taxes to pay for it–which would be the only moral way to continue this war, I don’t see how our meager presence there will do anything other than to prolong the suffering and carnage for our overstretched troops (and Iraqi civilians), while doing very little to improve the lives of the Iraqis.

The whole thing is beyond tragic. And in situations like this, pleading ignorance is no excuse. Our leaders could've and should've known and done better. And I bitterly regret that they did not, because all of us--the US & the Iraqis will be paying for this disaster for a very long time, I am afraid. All good options have been off the table for some time.

Comment Posted By moonbat cat lover On 1.05.2007 @ 16:49


Speaking of O'Neal's testimony: I was horrified to learn that his statement regarding the events that led to Tillman's death had been altered. And that the Army still has "figured out" who did it.

I was also very disturbed by the testimony regarding what actually happened that day. Particularly the part in which the "friendly fire" stopped, leading Tillman and others to believe that it was over, only to start up again! Obviously something went very wrong there--and again, it appears that no one has been held accountable. Which leads one to wonder what was *really* being covered up?

Comment Posted By moonbat cat lover On 25.04.2007 @ 09:27


hahaha! I loved this post.

And one of the reasons I continue to come back here to read.

You are one fine writer Rick Moran!

(My favorite is the insight that cats are visigoths. I would've pegged them as anarchists, which reminds me of the Geo Carlin line that Libertarians are anarchists with credit cards.)

Comment Posted By moonbat cat lover On 18.04.2007 @ 18:15



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