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My current insurance is expensive and doesn't cover what I want -- therefore other people should be forced to help me pay for it, and we need to force these companies to cover my conditions -- I DESERVE that.

Thank god the government won't ever slight me on care, like those evil insurance companies do!!!!

And, since poor people need help too, let's have the RICH pay for all of their care; those poor people DESERVE that.

It is crazy to have people take any responsibility for their own health (well, the RICH should be responsible for their care, obviously).

Comment Posted By mockmook On 9.08.2009 @ 19:53


The number seems highly flawed because we never heard reports of 100 deaths per day until the sectarian violence started (and this report is saying 500 deaths per day since DAY ONE of the invasion; how would that go unnoticed?).

Also, as others point out, many of those killed deserved to be killed. And, this "war" may have been inevitable; we may have only accelerated the process.

Much of the continued violence is totalitarians trying to prevent a transition to democracy. So, if it is immoral to initiate/cause these "excess" deaths by invading Iraq; then, wasn't it immoral for our forefathers to start the Revolutionary War and cause "excess" deaths then?

Comment Posted By mockmook On 11.10.2006 @ 13:09



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