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Yah, Hannah, Bush IS better. Wayyyyyy better. Though he wasn't perfect, and I have real anger with the lack of leadership at times in his administration. But he IS a better man, period.

Your articulate, intelligent man-boy emperor in the WH isn't going to be able to clean up the mess he's made in the last 4 months, never mind the messes he and his fascist administration have planned. His messes are going to stick big time. Maybe you are one of those privileged fortunate few who will be able to escape the stink when it hits, but a doubt it.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 5.06.2009 @ 15:06

Correx: competent of = competent at

Comment Posted By mimi k On 5.06.2009 @ 09:58

"We all had problems with much of what Obama said but also acknowledge that the effort was necessary and that there were places where the president was very good."

Yes, Obama is very good at offering up the 'something for everyone' menu. Gotta give him credit for that ability.

I did read the speech because I am really trying to hear what others seem to are hearing. But I can't get past hearing just words. Empty words, empty man. I don't think he really knows or has any depth of understanding of what being POTUS means. I DO think he is marginally competent of play-acting the part.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 5.06.2009 @ 09:48


Yes, I do choose to tune in to Rush and shall continue to. "Angry white male" crap has nothing to do with his success, but he does express exactly my hopes and frustrations.

Gingrich -- he's had his chance. And in the last 8 years he tended to blow it (i.e. photo with Hillary, "global warming" crap). That, and other incidents make him an untrustworthy game player.

The GOP has no message -- our representatives, disfunctional. Years missed opportunities has left us scattered. The GOP primary season was an example of the disconnect our party has. Couldn't stand Huckabee (jerk), McCain (though I was forced to vote for him). Loved Thompson (but what was that about). Romney (he had and still has potential, but he tends wimp out in embarrassing ways). Then there were the others ... what can I say.

And hey, what was going on with Bush in the last 4 years? Seems he and his administration put absolutely no effort to appear to be anything Republican even -- forget conservative

I'm sick of them all. I don't know what the answer is. Frankly, I don't think the majority of the country really care, either.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 6.03.2009 @ 21:35


Ok, so we need to education the young outside the classroom. How shall that be done?

It seems it doesn't matter in what manner we advocate for conservatism "becoming more thoughtful, less ideological, and perhaps less doctrinaire" or with push back at their own level (Limbaugh, Coulter), the constant media pounding is overwhelming. Don't forget the corner we are in (racists, bigots, religious fanatics, gun grabbers, etc). All debates with liberalism starts with that rule.

Most of my friends are liberals, and I have worked in the newspaper business for 25 years or more. I've tried unless debate, and they have their usual sweeping statements. However, I stopped allowing their premise as the foundation for discussion and they give up. The funny thing is, they live their personal lives very conservatively in most cases. It's bewildering to me that they can't see the huge disconnect in how they apply their politics.

So, tell us how we reintroduce conservatism. By its nature conservatism isn't something that can be dressed up in the latest fade. I'm at a loss.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 26.02.2009 @ 11:36

The problem the right has is that 17-year-olds know all the answers to questions they've never been given the opportunity to ask. Liberal education early on establishes labels and fixed definitions. And that education starts at birth, it is the common denominator of all things kids are exposed to. Any possibility of critical-thinking is crushed first and in its place are commandments of the left. There are victims and the heros (we know who they are), and then there are villains (we know who they are).

The so-called shouting from the right seems offensive to them only because the ring tone from the left has been so deafening all their lives, when they occasionally hear a sound on at different decibel, its sounds foreign to them.

I don't think there is any cure. They only way conservatism can have any impact at all is to infiltrate our educational system. And I don't see that happening.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 26.02.2009 @ 09:42


TIM: "So is the future of America in our hands. We can crush the last hope of freedom by staying with the status quo and allowing the RINOS continue their control the Republican party or we can fight to take the party back for the people and open our hands to see the American Eagle wise high strong and tall again.

The future of America is in our hands. Don’t let the Newts, the Bushes, the Duncans, the McCains of the Republican party establishment crush it. Too much is at stake here."

"So the future of America is in our hands." Who's hands? Not mine. Try as I have, most of the people I know in this small NH town are liberal and vote Democrat. They are here to stay. They are in control of all levels of education and media. They are now my town, my state, my country. The future is in socialism and the government will be my mommy.

I don't know what to do to be prepared, but we all better get ready. America is a different country. We are now part of the world where up is down and down is up. Get ready.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 30.12.2008 @ 19:25

Interesting how several of the above comments CLAIM to be borderline republicans. Fat chance. Besides, "Magic Negro" is taken from a comment for a DEMOCRAT years ago (I believe Jessie Jackson).

The pathetic pretenders like to make big of anything slightly off on the conservative side, but the most offensive repugnant comments, even by the Democrat party leaders are passed over as assumed.

RNC chair candidate probably didn't use his brain, no excuses for poor judgement, but hey, DNC chair hates Republicans, Durban thinks our young military men are the Gulag/PolPot, etc. etc. etc. Can't count the comments from them in the past 10 years that made my jaw drop. They are a disgrace. Go cry.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 27.12.2008 @ 19:53


Wrong, DrKrbyLuv.

Bush NEVER governed with tyranny. His mistake was to be bipartisan and allow the Democrat party's creepy and idiotic ideas have their way in forming unworkable welfare-type programs(Kennedy's ridiculous education plan and example).

He should have kicked the Clinton left-behinds out the door the minute he took office.

People like you couldn't recognize a dictator. And there is a clear possibility in the next decade we will have a dictatorship, or we will be well into socialism.

As much as I resent Bush for falling down in his last years in office. I am very aware that people who talk and think like you are the most destructive to this country -- what's left of it.

The Democrat party in charge of the economy or anything to do with the country's security or sovereignty is a death knell.

And we'll see how "transparent" the Obama administration will be. But then the media and the Democrat party are one in the same, so who will know the difference.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 14.11.2008 @ 18:59

Obama is going to be disaster. Yes, I admit I have ODS of a sort. An I don't apologize for it. I will always be alert to what damage he will bring. If the left's radical programs come to fruition we're dead. If the programs turn out to be silly limp-wrist attempts, we will be stuck with more PC waste we can never get rid of.

But, I think I have also developed a form of BDS lately (but for completely opposite reasons from the left). I support Bush on Iraq, the tax cuts of course, etc. But, he is NOT a conservative. He has left the Republican party dangling and wasted opportunity. He has withered away.

What to hell happened to the man in the last few years! As good as a man he may be, he has done a tremendous disservice to his own party. I will never forgive him for that.

Comment Posted By mimi k On 14.11.2008 @ 06:50



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