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Don L:
I have a non-partisan countersuggestion: Mash up Hillary's cackle with McCain's "My friends. . ." and play it over video of Obama bowling.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 4.04.2008 @ 15:18

Dale B:

I'm not a lawyer. I'm a writer.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 4.04.2008 @ 07:59


I have children. I'll do whatever it takes to protect them. That might include killing your child, if I decide they are a threat.


We have laws because the alternative is anarchy, rule by whoever brings the power at a particular time and place. Rule by law, or rule by thugs -- you obviously prefer the latter. Are you sure you're an American? Because your values seem quite, er, middle eastern.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 3.04.2008 @ 17:13


And I would answer that as important as an individual life is, as compelling as your example may be, the law is more important. Civilization is built on law. Everything we have and hold dear is built on law. It is a terrible thing when an innocent dies, but it would be far worse if we set in motion the devolution of our civilization.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 2.04.2008 @ 21:47

I've been shocked at conservative's reactions to this. Absolutely shocked. I'm not a conservative, but it never would have occurred to me that people calling themselves conservative would roll over and play dead in the face of this sort of uncontrolled expansion of executive power.

Conservatives only seem to care about the expansion of government power when it affects guns or money.

On the other hand, what a wonderful example the US military has provided. They have resisted this descent into barbarism. I will say that as a son of a career Army officer, a Vietnam vet, I am not the least bit shocked that the Army has stood up for American values.

The good news is that one way or the other, a year from now -- Obama or McCain -- this humiliating, shameful period in American history, will be at an end.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 2.04.2008 @ 21:39


Think they'll blow up the world before April 15? I still haven't done my taxes.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 30.03.2008 @ 19:47


If we're rating "right wing" sites, I'll put a vote in for Rick. He's one of the smarter, less partisan, more analytical bloggers around on any side. Wrong on so many things, sadly, but no one's fool and no one's unthinking water carrier.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 30.03.2008 @ 06:50

I think Rick has it right and this is not really a very political phenomenon. I think it's just too early. There was a time when I was ready to watch Platoon, and a time before that when I was not. There will come a time for Iraq movies, but this isn't it.

I doubt Hollywood "keeps making" these movies. Rather I suspect they were all greenlit before the first audience reactions could be gauged. There's quite a lag time between greenlight and release. They got out ahead of the audience.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 29.03.2008 @ 19:22


Criticizing Wright is certainly not racism. Pretending that Wright defines and disqualifies Obama -- particularly when this notion comes from members of a party that has its head and shoulders all the way up the rears of the Falwells and Robertsons -- obsessing over it night and day, leaping tall buildings in order to find excuses to play the Wright tapes again and again and again, that's not racism, either.

But it is partisanship and not much more.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 26.03.2008 @ 15:00


Some professional advice. (And on this I know what I'm talking about.) Step away, but not too far. Not writing can become a habit. When I'm burned out on writing (books, not blogs, but same principle,) I start thinking through some entirely new project. You need the new idea to water the old ideas. So think about writing a food blog or whatever. The thinking-through is beneficial, and after a while you'll most likely decide, "Nah," and get back to work. But if you disengage entirely from writing, inertia builds up and it's hard to restart that part of your brain.

Sounds like good advice. Thanks.


Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 25.03.2008 @ 08:18

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