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I'm lucky enough to make my living writing. (Fiction.) It is very hard to both write a book and blog. Most writers have a preferred time of day for writing. Morning for most of us. And you have to decide how to spend that time. Which is why I usually relegate blogging to the time of day when I'm half drunk and waiting for the Ambien to kick in. (Insert your own snark here.) My advice: follow the money.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 31.12.2008 @ 16:04


Off-topic, but I am so jealous of you guys in Illinois. We have Schwarzenegger but your governor is still more entertaining. He race-hustled the Senate appointment. Now, that's entertainment.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 31.12.2008 @ 00:13

Yep, it's a bind all right. It's what happens when a political party manages to dig a really deep hole. And then just keeps on digging.

There is no winning move right now. Which is why I've been baffled by the GOP's attempts to work the Blagojevich story. Like that was going to help their situation.

Voters won't return to the GOP until the economy gets better. The GOP is the party of laissez faire. As long as people are scared they won't want laissez faire, they'll want a government life preserver. The GOP actually needs Obama to succeed. If Obama succeeds the GOP will come back sooner than if he fails. People are going to need to have jobs before they'll be excited by tax cuts.

But I have a prediction: the GOP won't wait for the right moment. They'll do the stupid thing and go with Huckabee and Palin. We'll get more "Magic Negro" and a whole lot of Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan. The GOP will play to its "base" which will soon not even include people like you, Rick. The GOP is on a path to become a regional party of rural sensibilities.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 30.12.2008 @ 12:29


Shaun has it about right in his comment #5 above. Of course Israel has a right to hammer Hamas. It's always fun to watch terrorists being blown up. But settler policy undercuts Israel. (And us as their patron.)

It's true that liberals tend to see this in terms of some abstract notion of fairness. Like it's a prize fight and everyone should fight within their weight. It's not a prize fight, it's a bar fight where an idiot 98 pound weakling picks a fight with the biggest dude at the pool table.

Here's a thought: if you don't want to get your ass kicked don't pick fights with people bigger than you are.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 29.12.2008 @ 14:39


The GOP's use of dog whistle racism is pretty well documented. A recent example being the Corker Senate campaign in Tennessee. It's hard to undo a bad reputation, and the GOP, ever since they swapped the legacy of Lincoln for the southern strategy, has had a bad reputation on race. Any number of Republicans have admitted this, including a past GOP chairman.

I defended Imus on his Rutgers thing, and I don't think this parody is over the line objectively. It's just over the line coming from Republicans. There are people who get to make particular jokes, and people who don't. Jews can joke about Jews dominating Hollywood, it doesn't work quite as well coming from Mel Gibson.

Of course some race-hustlers exploit the situation to stifle an open exchange of views. When they do that they're wrong. Worse, they make it harder for people to unite against genuine racism and end up aiding and abetting racists.

But that doesn't change the fact that a GOP that is close to 100% white, that has some history of race-baiting for votes, that continues on occasion to do so, probably shouldn't have a chairman so effing stupid he didn't see that this was a mistake.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 27.12.2008 @ 13:34


I have a simple way to test the theory of evolution: those of you who don't believe in evolution, when you get a bacterial disease (strep, staph) should insist on the dose of antibiotics that was effective when antibiotics were first discovered.

Those of us who believe in evolution will insist on the dose deemed effective against the current, mutated bacteria.

If we're right there will soon be a lot fewer of you people.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 29.12.2008 @ 00:12

Okay, before you decide to turn off comments again, may I point out that as little as three stiff drinks can help to create a condition very similar to calm?

Why stop at three? Better to be insensate than calm anyway.


Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 27.12.2008 @ 01:48

I assume Jindal is just pandering to his yahoo constituency. He seems like a smart guy, quick on his feet, moderately charismatic. But of course Haley Barbour's all those things too and no one talks about him being the Republican Obama. Of course it's about Jindal's race. Yes, the GOP is that out-of-touch.

I have a prediction. Within the next two years you, Rick, will cease to call yourself a Republican. I don't think your party is going to do the right thing and lean libertarian. I think it's going to lean Huckabee/Palin and I think faced with a choice between the party of Huckabee and the party of Obama you'll hold your nose and realize you have a better chance of accomplishing something useful in the Democratic party.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 26.12.2008 @ 12:08


There's nothing to investigate.

No allegations, no accusations. On the contrary, the prosecutor seems to have exonerated the Obama people.

So is the theory that we should investigate matters for which there is no allegation of wrong doing? That's going to be kind of hard, isn't it? Kind of time-consuming?

Or are we supposed to appoint special prosecutors every time a handful of ideological bloggers get a bug up their nether regions? If so then I guess we'll need a few hundred prosecutors just to follow up on all the wild accusations made against Mr. Bush by leftie blogs over the last eight years.

There's no credible accusation of anything. At all. Nada. Zero. But then why shouldn't the party that has zero credibility just keep doing the same old same old ad infinitum? Spend the next 4/8 years tightening up your tinfoil hats and howling in the wilderness.

You're on the path to party suicide.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 24.12.2008 @ 16:13

Watching Republicans try to move forward is a bit like watching fat guys (I am one) at a buffet table. You don't want to keep grabbing for the brownies of scandal-mongering, but you can't quite stop yourselves.

There's nothing here. Nothing but empty calories. And every time you go back to it your party is going to look a little worse, a little more out of control, a little less relevant. In the end, just pathetic.

But Merry Christmas, or holiday of your choice, anyway.

You're right. I think we should let them do this for anything the Obama administration does - even if they blow up the fucking world. Let's let them investigate what went wrong themselves and tell us, their pathetic slaves, that it wasn't their fault but someone else's. Then we can all let out a chorus of "Yes we Can!" and get back to being hoodwinked by this crew of Chicago pols.

Great idea.


Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 24.12.2008 @ 13:32

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