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You're trapped.

You started by attacking the teabaggers.

Then you flip-flopped and embraced them.

And they embraced Palin.

Which leaves you where exactly?

Where I always will be; calling em as I see em. My opinion of Sarah Palin has not changed on iota. She is still unfit for high office although you may see me from time to time praising her considerable political skills - just as I did with Obama.

I think the tea party will be co-opted by the GOP. All of these independent "movements" are eventually absorbed by one party or the other. And these people especially who have no clear agenda and eschew any kind of leadership will gravitate to the Republicans in 2010. Or become discouraged and quit.

How that identifies me as "embracing" the tea party movement I don't know except as it relates to your rather hysterically over active imagination.


Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 8.02.2010 @ 18:19


You think the tea party and Palin are separate phenomena? That's funny. You and the rest of the clueless mainstream GOP don't get it.

This is not about small government or conservative principles or any of the rest of that. This is a white, rural, uneducated backlash fueled by demographic, economic and cultural panic.

If you think you and your burned out political party are going to profit from this movement you're a fool. You try to belatedly throw your arms around this they will drag you down to their level and you will learn the same bitter lesson that moderates inevitably learn when they imagine themselves taming radicals.

Why the drama queen routine? Not enough excitement in your life?

I suggest watching golf. That will bring you back to earth.


Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 8.02.2010 @ 17:17

Depending on whose numbers you believe there were between 600 and 1100 people at the Nashville convention.

I had 200 attend a speech I gave on technology and the future of publishing.

So this Great Awakening -- backed by incessant media promotion, Palin's book promo, and endless hype -- outdrew me by, let's say, 5 to 1. And I'm not even a MILF let alone a future President of Christian White America and Grand Poobah of an entire Great Awakening.

The clock is ticking toward the moment when Rick Moran finally embraces Palin after discovering that she has grown and matured. I think we should take bets on exactly when. I'll say within 3 months.

Barely mentioned Palin. And as long as you're in the business of reading minds and predicting the future, who's going to win the Superbowl next year? I want to get my bet down early.


Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 8.02.2010 @ 13:25


In this country ethics are for the little people.

The GOP has made clear they intend to serve the interests of Wall Street and the banks -- even more than the already-supine Democrats.

And Wall Street and the banks have made clear that American citizens and taxpayers can go f--- themselves.

Conservatives work like busy little beavers to assist corporations in f------ you, and Democrats are better only in degree, not in kind.

So it's one great, big, go f--- yourself country. If you're wealthy or powerful.

So don't act like your betters and cop a "go f--- yourself" attitude. Instead Join the Powers That Be and help them in their important work by going and f------ yourself.

When you're living in a box under a bridge no doubt some banker will toss you his spare change.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 4.02.2010 @ 20:33



Or, to summarize: you don't know what you're talking about, you're regurgitating already-debunked GOP lies, and now you're accusing the FBI of lying because the facts are a problem for you and you need them to be lying for your own narrow political agenda..

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 3.02.2010 @ 20:26


Dude, that asinine line of reasoning evaporated with the publication of a poll which validates, point by point, line by line, what we've been saying about the GOP. The GOP itself CONFIRMS the accusations.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 3.02.2010 @ 19:42


Gee, I kind of think if the undie bomber is talking he's also going to cop a plea. Duh.

That's how almost all criminal justice works in the real world. Bad guys more often than not, cop. And they do it without torture. I know it must be terribly disappointing to you, but it seems there's no need to rip up the constitution and build a police state. The FBI -- following the law -- has this well in hand. Just like the shoe bomber, just like the base shooter, just like many other terrorists we've arrested and convicted.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 3.02.2010 @ 18:30

Not a single thing about this poll surprises me. This is exactly the GOP as it has devolved.

I've been saying from the start that the nuts ran the GOP, that the objections to Obama were not about policy but were about rage and hysteria, and that the most obvious fuel for that hysteria -- aside from the blatant dishonesty of the GOP's captive media -- was racism.

So: duh. What did any of you think the GOP was about? Small government and low taxes? Hah hah hah hah! It's about scared, stupid, insecure people on the wrong end of economic and demographic trends expressing that fear in a pathological hatred of the first black president.

And puh-lease spare me the desperate attempt to whitewash (heh) the teabaggers as though they are, what? More moderate? More rational? Calmer? More sensible? The teabaggers are the extreme end of an extreme party.

None so blind as those who will not see.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 3.02.2010 @ 18:23

*Serial apologies to the Arab world about the evils of the United States of America and the wonderful contributions of Islam to the global family.

A lie. He spoke to the Muslim world, apologized for some of our actions, called them out for theirs and made the compelling case that they must embrace democracy and liberty.

*A headlong rush to ram socialized medicine down the throats of the American people who are clearly vehemently opposed to it.

A lie. Medicare is socialized medicine and even the GOP loves it. Further, the Obama plan never called for socialized medicine, and most objective observers have noted Obama's diffidence even on a watered-down public option. By contrast your last president expanded socialized medicine by extending pharma benefits.

*A federal budget that leads to fiscal disaster for the country.

The last Democrat in the White House handed a surplus to Mr. Bush and the GOP who promptly exploded the deficit. Then, when the country was thoroughly in a ditch, OBama followed the advice of virtully every economist and passed a stumulus. That added to the deficit. But so did continuing the Iraq engagement and upping the ante in Af-Pak.

*Civilian trials for people who are involved in an ongoing war against our country.
*Miranda rights and presumption of innocence for the Underwear Bomber.

Just as the Bush Justice department did with the Shoe Bomber. The one now in supermax.

The undie bomber, by the way, is currently spilling his guts to the FBI without resorting to Republican torture and under the protection of the US Constitution. His Muslim family flew to the US to encourage him to do so, after, by the way, attempting to get the attention of our intelligence people.

I guess you'd be one of those profoundly stupid Republicans.

Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 3.02.2010 @ 14:39


The Two Ricks:

#1 The tedious predictable hack.

#2 The ghost of Rick Moran who occasionally haunts the blog long enough to utter some truth.

Being #1 no doubt brings readers and pacifies the paymasters at PJM.

Being #2 allows Rick some self-respect.

We get this kind of transparent partisan drivel. Then Rick reads the comments and sees that the ones who agree with him are idiots and he dies a little inside. So we get a touch of #2.

But with each cycle it's more #1 and less #2. Because that's how moral and intellectual corruption work. Like an addiction. A downward spiral as Rick surrenders little bits of his soul to toady the teabaggers he despises.

At current rates of decline I'd guess we're no more than a few months away from Rick telling us how much Sarah Palin has grown.

It's the same path followed by the former Captain Ed, now Cabin Boy Ed of the Wacky Ship Malkin.

My PJM "paymasters?" What the hell do they have to do with this blog? They don't even know it exists?

That alone proves how terribly flawed your analysis of me is concerned. Face it; you only like it when I bash Republicans. Anything else and I am somehow pandering. You simply don't have the ability to see beyond your own rank partisanship and acknowledge that my criticisms of Obama have any merit and your belief that I am only doing it to get audience.

To what end? The right gave up on me two years ago and nothing I say will bring them back - not that I have any desire that they do. Those few that stray here hear it from me when they criticize my critiques of their balmy worldview. I have no motivation on this site except to put my thoughts down on a page. Nothing I write here affects my pay from AT or PJM. And if you read the comments section at either site when I write a column for them, you would know that I harbor no illusion about getting back in their good graces.

You owe me an apology for your stupid, simpering, inaccurate, and deliberately false analysis.


Comment Posted By michael reynolds On 28.01.2010 @ 11:55

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