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since when are living wills death panels? also, glorifying s.p. gets you nowhere your side would be much better off if she would go away

Stop spamming my blog with your off topic, inane comments. You are about as shallow intellectually as the puddle made when my cat peed in the middle of the kitchen.


Comment Posted By michael luna On 6.10.2009 @ 11:24

Excellent points, Michael. I still believe that a majority of our country's problems is being caused by the right believing that it is their way or the highway and consequently they will not work with people in the process. I honestly believe it is because people with conservative views are less mentally/spiritually advanced for some reason unknown to mere mortals. They mosyly just seem to be full of ugly sentiment also. This is not a dig but an observation.

Comment Posted By michael luna On 6.10.2009 @ 11:00

"conservatives, by nature are a talentless,and humorless group of individuals who are only happy when they get EVERYTHING they want"

Comment Posted By michael luna On 6.10.2009 @ 10:05

"the left is cutting off the intellectuals at the knees" it's only because the 'conservative' university students only care about getting a primary degree so they can go work for a parent or a frat brother and make as much money as they can. they don't care about intellectual pursuit whatsoever (by and large)please don't blame your own ideology's shortcomings on liberals

Comment Posted By michael luna On 6.10.2009 @ 09:36

all i'm sayin is you people are way too self absorbed to the point that you don't have a clue what's going on with the electorate. and also, "ed" just like the great conservative orater o'reilly, i am a registered independent.i just know when someone is only looking out for their own selfish interests as you people are, i can see it.there's no reason to try to hide behind psuedo-intellectual hoo-ha only your own kind are impressed.also, if you type in all caps we can hear your whining better.

Comment Posted By michael luna On 6.10.2009 @ 09:04

this is hilarious-- conservatives debating " conservative intellectuals " man, i can hardly type that w/o falling down from uncontrollable laughter. in my 49 years on this earth, i have never heard anyone speak of conservative politics that i would consider to be any where near an intellectual. you people must have dumbed down your own definitions along with most of our troubled nation. you people espouse knee jerking over all other forms of expression and are way too self important to realize what you are doing to yourselves and this once great nation. if the whole thing wasn't so tragic it would be hilarious as hell

Heh - someone who can't write, can't spell, is incoherent, and ignorant of his own country's history is criticizing conservatives for being stupid?

Now THAT's funny - and not tragic at all. One more liberal who proves himself an ignoramus is glorious.


Comment Posted By michael luna On 5.10.2009 @ 13:48



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