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Um, so what if there IS hard physical proof of massive, vote fraud? How massive does it have to be? Obama is not even the legitimate Democratic candidate and everyone knows it. Everyone knows Team Obama used thuggery and fraud to steal the caucus states. We are supposed to shrug and look the other way from outright fascism in our elections? You are out to lunch, Rick. You advocate a surrender in the face of tyranny and cooperation in policies that we know... KNOW FOR A FACT will damage the nation. Whether or not it is irreparable is the only question. On that I am optimistic but no, even if he were some dream of anti-statism we cannot allow elections to be taken by street criminals who threaten little old ladies. Too much? Check the YouTubes on the caucuses. This is serious.

Comment Posted By megapotamus On 14.10.2008 @ 12:27


Hopefully Mav is learning a lesson here though that may be too much to ask. Does he regret now giving cover to those who would overlook Kerry's actual record of treason and cowardice? Did he think a general media reverence for matters military would survive him becoming the Rep candidate? It is hilarious though, to see the anti-Americans, so lately gasping that Kerry's weeks in Viet Nam pretending to be Rambo were the greatest heroics in US history now having to rubbish true heroics. Is half the country truly this depraved? These Leftwing scum will leave no lie left unspoken.

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"I disagree that shame is anything the WHPC should ever feel."
Shwhaa? Ever is a long time, hoss. And Bumiller is, I think, well into shameful territory with her bleat, "Are you telling us to write a story about how great the military is?" The proper response of course would be, "Are you telling me there are no such stories to write?" Which she was, obviously. For Terry, going on the Hewitt show is VERY gutsy for any MSMer, that must be admitted. And Hugh is often quite overbearing, his "little resume" crack was inappropriate and unnecessary in my book but the point of the segment, that the questioning quoted was vapid, arrogant and unprofessional is spot on. The remedy is to ignore it. I hope the White House begins ostentatiously ignoring questioners like this in the future. Since Bumiller declares that she "know(s) how it ends." we need speak no further.

Comment Posted By megapotamus On 19.05.2005 @ 09:02



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