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Have your laughs. Chavez was busy getting the largest applause of ANY leader at the UN Summit yesterday in front of the countries of the world.

Your post is full of so many lies I can't address them all. But 1) Chavez's economy is the fastest growing in Latin America (9% so far in 05). 2) Corruption could not possibly be worse than the notoriously corrupt parties he replaced. 3) There is 0 evidence of his support for FARC, in fact (Colombia's Prez) Uribe has recently praised Chavez and asked him for his assistance in ending the Civil War. 4) There was no military coup, there was a coup planned by big business, with US assistance, that utilized a few military men to achieve the masters aims (at least you admit it was a coup though. 5) Far from a dictatorship, Chavez and his MVR have held (and won) more elections in a shorter period of time than any other time in Venezuela's history. Chavez put the recall provision in the Constitution that is more democracy than we have.

Comment Posted By matt glesne On 16.09.2005 @ 18:48



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