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Busboy33, have enough gentleman in you to beat me senseless...

Beat you senseless? I could run you down w/my powerchair, if you'd find that acceptable ;-p You'll have to be real still... ;-)

MD constricts my movements somewhat...

Oh, BTW, thanks for jogging this thought for Kathy:

Kathy: my wife & I were in line for tickets at the theater, and a worker asked my wife to get the "gimp" out of the way. The guy was a trog., but it didn't hurt. Why should it -- I am not the label and the menu isn't the meal.

Ya, I know I'm workin at a levl of abstraction beyond Dickie's ability, but somebody else translate - he's probably too busy laughing to understand anything I write anyway ;)


Will I be excoriated, er, verbally ill-used by Dickie for using "gimp" -- I could have said g***, but then how would you know I was saying g*** and not g***? If my wife had MD, would she be a g***-y g***? (place the slurs in the order that gives you the most outrage...).

Did you think that it might be because BO is a "wet-behind-the-ears" congress-critter? I have heard well entrenched, southern, senior congress-critters
refer to jr. counterparts as "boy". Both were white, by the way. Yes, it is a diminutive, but only someone to whom skincolor is a big deal would call for a man's head over it.

And that still doesn't answer HOW Dickie read the fellow's mind to see he meant BO was stupid. THAT was what sent me ballistic. He (Mr.Moron) projects, then expects us to lock-step agree -- or we're racists.

Ya, right. Some of us don't close our eyes & cower when the racecard is played.

Thanks! I will email you in the near future. The nxt 2.5 wks are quarterly medical re-eval, so I'm over-busy. I'm basically surfing betwn dr.s & tests! ;-} (Well, all the attn - frm pretty nurses - *is* great, though!)

PDA is out of buffer, later!

- musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 18.04.2008 @ 12:39

Maybe this outlook is a function of military life. I find that most service people, regardeless of branch, don't care abt such silly things. Those who do rarely stay beyond the initial hitch.

My whole problem with this N-word manure is the shrinking of the language, and the removal of any term that allows discussion of the Left's weaknesses.

WhenI first learned I was a Conservative, I never missed listening to Rush. My schedule no longer permits this, but I still occasionally catch a broadcast, (I'm too cheap to buy-in for his archives {grin}). Recently he spoke on this very subject, along w/Glenn Beck & others. I find it interesting that "Conservatives" here do a Koz-shoutdown of people who want to explore the idea -- by yelling "anyone knows - so WTF...". Well sir, perhaps not everyone is as "evolved" as the good people here are. Shouldn't you help them along, by poking holes in their logic instead of simple editing their comments or shouting them down?

Well, my turn in que has come. I'll be back...

- musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 18.04.2008 @ 09:07

Busboy, sorry abt my tone. I can't scroll up to read comments after a page break in my PDA's browser. I have to leave the site & return to read previous screens of the site.

Your comments, above the the "Mommasita" one were thoughtful, and of the type I originally expected at a site that calls itself "Rightwing".

In order to get to where I can enter comments, I had to leave your comment. When I get back to my PC I would like to talk abt it.

One thing stands out though. My wife, while hot-tempered, used that slur in order to make a point.

Is it alrght for her to use it? It was alright for black2black discourse to contain the N-word. If I understand your argument, it isn't racist if that race uses it. I did not use it, I mearly directly quoted my wife. Why then did Mr. Moron brand me a racist - unless that was projection.

As for me, my wife, my sister-in-law, (married wife's brother, & she *is* black), WE are tired of "race-this & race-that"! Content of chracter is ALL that matters! I don't know what the skin color of the gate guard at Falcon Courts North at this moment is, and I really don't care! All I care abt is that he earned his rank, and he has all the tools needed for his job. (Note; FCN is the McGuire AFB residential housing area. I mention this so that Dickie can unnerstan my comments. I also eschewed multisyllabic words to help with that {grin}).

- musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 18.04.2008 @ 08:47

Ok kathy, I am not black. I'm Italian. So why doesn't "whop" bother me?

A point I tried to make was that *you* always have the choice of taking offense. What I see, and my examples above show, is that the black community - at least the loudest portion - look for offense. It requires one to always assume the worst about those around them.

If someone calls me a name, I suspend judgement until I know enough to make an accurate call on the matter. I don't *immediately* assume bad intent.

The whole line of thought of people of your & Mr. Moron's stripe is that people are innately racist, and so any comment that confirms that, no matter how innocent, is pounced on as proof.

If racism is so prevalent, how do native 1st & 2nd generation African excell and end up rich in so very few years? Did slavery somehow leave a mark that persists beyond the generations? If so, how then did people like Sowell, Rice, & Thomas escape?

The point being, of course - careful I've skipped a few mental steps, so I know this will be hard for most here to follow - that what people call each other in the way of "bad name" has NO bearing on how he conduct our lives or fare in this country.

Ifvit did, then how did those blacks who rose to great societal hights pre-PC, (or even pre-1960's era reforms) do so? Are you saying that those entreped souls weren't called the "N"word? Or are you saying they were given all they had by the whites?

It has *NEVER* mattered what you're called, just what *YOU* do.

- musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 18.04.2008 @ 08:24

Darn PDA. I wish this blog had a "preview" btn. Blazer often drops characters, or picks one in the same row of the virtual keyboard as the one you type. The problem is you can't go look at what you typed, but have to scroll along your input until you reach where the mis-character is...

Has anyone here done much surfing using a Blackberry? Or even a Windows PDA? Is it any better? I've been doing using the Lifedrive for a year on the internet, and I am abt fed-up w/the "minor" flaws of the platform.

- musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 18.04.2008 @ 08:03

You know, looking at Moron's comments, charges of "racism", w/o *any* constructive crit., I believe that this site is a "honeypot". Instead of spambots, however, this site is built to draw in conservatives -- causing them to waste time & energy on a person w/no core principles... except perhaps "compassionate" conservatism, (as if there was another type...).

The ruler here simply gets jollies lording it over any who randomly draw his ire.

I hope *this* post isn't beyond people's understanding.

- musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 18.04.2008 @ 07:41

I am curious... while I agree w/you about being mannerly, at what point, after how many terms are commandeered and placed on the "don't use" list do you say enough?

- musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 18.04.2008 @ 07:34

"Mommasita" is a whole-in-the-wall eatery w/the name - as I used it - over the door.

If you find it racially charged, go talk to Momma @ it.

Thanks for proving my point abt looking for racism where it ain't.

PS: if your every at Lackland, in San Antonio, I've heard that Mommasita's place has moved from the (what I think's called) Stone Hills area to the east, now it is closer to Randolf, and you don't have to fight the belt traffic.

BTW, Momma isn't mexican -- although that's food in her place. She's Filipina. Her hubby was (as she puts it) American-Mexican. They ran the place together until he passed, using his family recipies. The ABSOLUTE BEST EATERY in SA.!!

- musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 18.04.2008 @ 07:25

I wasn't finished, but I will stop there. You have my email you really want try to understand what I said. If you are only interested in cheap shots & beating your own breast to feel good about calling someone a racist while working hard to not see their point, they I am well out.

- martin.musculus

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 15.04.2008 @ 15:00

ok, why did the browser send it?

Comment Posted By martin.musculus On 15.04.2008 @ 14:56

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