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This is the first of 3 Indiana districts that are in play today. In this reddest of red states, why these three are in trouble shows not only how well the Democrats have done in recruiting candidates in marginally competitive races for them but also GOP vulnerabilities among their base supporters.

There's an additional wild card at play in the Hoosier State, and that's a general disapproval of Governor Mitch Daniels. I've seen and heard more TV and radio ads for state congressional races in this campaign than ever before. This may be one of the rare times when the coattail effect is inverted.

Also, whoever told you Joe Donnelly is running his campaign by "tying himself to Indiana values" has missed the mark a bit. Donnelly has been airing ruthlessly negative commercials, aided by, who started the Abramoff "Red-Handed" spots last year attacking Chris Chocola. This one's been very dirty, but this district has a bit of a tradition of hardball campaigns.

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Fantastic review. I said much the same things, though not quite as well.

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Let's Role: REview, United 93

But I couldn't cry during United 93: there was simply no time . . . I walked six miles to see it. It was worth every step.

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