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This is really interesting commentary, I really have to stretch my understanding of English- in both its use and misuse - to understand it. Please forgive language errors, English isn't my native tongue, and this PDA keyboard is poor.
One thing, As I understand Sexual Harressment Law, in cases where there is a large power differental between employer and employee, willingness isn't germaine. An employee with a wide power difference subservent to the employer can't rise to the level of unfettered conscent. This is settled case law. In addition, the import of the whole situation was in relation to a deposition on a sexual harrassment lawsuit. Often the only way to prove that the S.H. occurred is to display a pattern by the alleged perp. The lying under oath is what was Clinton's problem, but he had no choice -- if he told the truth, he'd have been convicted.
Please note, if you two groups are enjoying yelling at each other, I've always found it more fun when the combatants actually are cognizant of the *facts*. I haven't joined a party yet, but the aforementioned chide is directed at the Dimondocrats, the Repoblicans seem to *try* to do the right thing, even if they occasionally fall off.
-Mao Ma4 Ding

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