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Thank you for your PJ Media column, Rick. For Obama to "bring us together" he must govern from the middle. It's also the path to reelection, and I think he is smart enough to understand this. Reagan did.

Comment Posted By manoman On 11.09.2009 @ 23:19


The same players are at the table as for the Medicare Part D monstrosity. No wonder the CBO grades the currently active proposals as not only increasing costs but increasing them at a higher rate.

Booby Jindal, Republican governor of Louisiana, had an op-ed in the WSJ this week outlining a reasonable alternative to our current system. Half the comments posted about the column denounced him personally, the other half denounced Democrats. A relative few addressed the merits of his proposal in a constructive way. No member of Congress that I am aware of has taken notice of the column.

Not that I would want to live under their system, but I am concerned that in 20 years it will be China, not the U.S., that will be the world leader. Two things about that. One, you can be sure they will not be spending 1/6 of their GDP on health care. The other is that it can only result from an abject failure of leadership in our democracy.

Comment Posted By manoman On 23.07.2009 @ 16:36


Let me try again. Ultimately I find fault with LaSalle/Lanza for pretending that citing some scientific improbabilities can in any way buttress a metaphysical proposition. Pace busboy33 on science and metaphysics, ne'er the twain shall meet, nor should they. It is more interesting, therefore, in the great scholastic tradition, to argue the implications of the metaphysical proposition so as to ascertain if it is even a worthwhile metaphysical proposition.

Comment Posted By manoman On 12.07.2009 @ 21:30

No disagreement, busboy. It's the nature of metaphysical propositions that they are neither provable nor disprovable. If we have no sensory perception, direct or indirect that, say, a tree has fallen, then we have no proof of it. Indeed, stripped of all possible means of determining so, we don't know whether or not it actually has fallen. Any assertion that assumes it has is perforce a metaphysical proposition.

My point was that the statement that human consciousness creates its own reality has profound theological implications that LaSalle (and perhaps Lanza?)in their cherry-picking of scientific improbabilities fail to address.

Comment Posted By manoman On 12.07.2009 @ 13:08

Consciousness creates its own reality? This notion resolves all metaphysical issues by making man The Great Creator. I'm hungry, so I imagine up some food to eat. To send men to the moon and back safely, first I conjure up a moon, after which it is no great feat to imagine them to and fro. You see, I don't need mathematical calculations, or scientific probabilities and improbabilities. I imagine them only for my amusement.

Comment Posted By manoman On 11.07.2009 @ 23:17



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