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MR: NNN! What a gas! You win the prize for first putting Nazi into this discussion. Idiot.

I haven't the time on Christmas Eve to set forth the full set of opinions that I have tried to express here drawn as carefully as I can from the people I know. It is long and involved, and it seems to boil down to white fear of blacks, blacks that acquire power, blacks that are not trusted by whites to be impartial with their power, and blacks that roam the streets looking for victims, blacks that extort payments to Rainbow for racial peace, blacks that attempt to block a polling place, and yes, blacks that have ascended to powerful positions in the government. Perhaps there is also an element of white guilt, too, that wonders whether blacks in power now would truly be impartial and trustworthy. These seem to be the main concerns of my "informants". I cannot make all of the linkages that they can up to the top, but I am reporting that they see it that way which is the most important thing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Comment Posted By mannning On 24.12.2009 @ 21:06

After reading your last over again, busboy, I was struck by what seems to be your total disbelief in the black power movement and the many-faceted subsets of it that are quite well recognized or speculated upon here.

Be that as it may, I am not one to promote conspiracy theories, nor do I give credit to them, but my neighbors in the district appear to be very skillful at it, and in finding their own reasons for their beliefs, some based on facts and, most likely, much base on speculation.

Many of them know a hell of a lot more than I do about local aspects, and it thus becomes a big job to try to run down all that has been claimed. The thing is, as this meme grows and grows, it will ultimately create a lot more problems for you and me, whether it is factual or not. That is my growing concern.

Comment Posted By mannning On 24.12.2009 @ 12:35

busboy, MR: Listen up, and listen up good.

The paragraph I wrote was explicating what I OBSERVE HERE ALL AROUND ME AND HAVE TOLD TO ME, not what I believe myself. You are trying to credit me with BELIEVING WHAT I OBSERVE AND SET FORTH AS WHAT MANY, MANY OTHERS THAT I KNOW WELL REALLY THINK. I do believe I represented very accurately what these others of literally all political persuasions have voiced to me over the past year, and especially after the impact of the Obama spending spree took hold, and at the social gatherings of this season. Real feelings representing a significant trend in this locality is what I was documenting.

Many have speculated to me very seriously about the Rev. Wright issue, and what they perceive as a disingenuous act of Obama's in disassociating himself from Wright openly and publically after being with him for 20 years, only to have him in the White House on more than one occasion afterwards. You must realize what impact the Rev. Wright's words had here in Richmond, and the subsequent actions that appear to belie Obama's intent, and then what is observed in a similar vein on the black church scene here in Richmond as well.

I also believe that I have very accurately expressed what I DO believe in several other comments, to wit that I am totally opposed to thuggery, theft, rape, murder, violence or intimidation by blacks AND ANY OTHER RACIAL GROUP, and that I do not condemn the entire black race for what a few have done.

You see, what I expressed in that paragraph represents a rapidly growing trend around here, and that many people actually voice such opinions more and more openly as we proceed. That is the rather unpalatable truth I was laying out. I also gave some insight into why the whites in my district are reacting to what they experience that tends to reinforce such opinions.

This is a serious problem, and it affects us all, if only because such reactions, when known, cause more of what they perceive as the problem in the first place, since the blacks react to it.

My own reaction to many such violent events is to stay aware of my surroundings, to avoid the streets where violence has taken place, to avoid being on the streets late at night, and to be armed if I must go out. All are rational reactions to the local situation and are not at all racist, per se. This works for any kind of thug!

I have also worked with the police to encourage more frequent patrols of this area, and that seems to have been effective, as the crime rate was over 4,000 incidents in this district in 2007 to 2,000 incidents as I cited in 2008. So far this year there has been a further decrease, but the final figures are not yet available, but it is still well over 1 incident per household on the average.

It is interesting to me that my attempt to lay out a truth about this locality on the race issue, has immediately become an accusation that I am racist, and to hell with the problems I was addressing. That shows rather clearly how volatile the issue is, and how misreadings can be trouble. Perhaps I should have clarified what I was about in that paragraph somehow, but I believe it would have been the same regardless.

Comment Posted By mannning On 24.12.2009 @ 12:13

It is a shame that you, MR, do not read very well, and do not take what you read into your brain. You must have had a very poor upbringing. You want desperately to label me as a racist, and against all blacks, but it won't wash. But if your pea brain wants to call me that, be my guest, I have been called worse in my time.

I am a thousand percent against just those blacks, or any other color/race, that do evil in this world, most especially to me and mine. The rest of the law-abiding members of any race, any color, are fine with me. So get off it, dummy.

Nowhere did I say anything about inferiority, most particularly not against an entire race, not for the evil of a few. There you go again reading into my words what isn't there. Such as you are also evil if not downright dangerous.

The pattern of your encounters with other men is rather suggestive of a recurring problem of yours. What is it?

Comment Posted By mannning On 23.12.2009 @ 19:04

MR: I do think you ARE getting it, but slowly!

You have obviously nestled in your home and haven't been on the streets for a long, long time. You have not been face to face with the black goons that do the bidding of nefarious organizations, nor have you delved into ACORN, or Wright's (Obama's minister--you know, the church he attended for 20 years?) church, or the many equally anti-white America versions of it that populate our cities, one of which I could almost hit with a stone right now. They do espouse a virulent black culture and they promote it on the streets, against whites. You can hear their preaching from the sidewalk outside, until their 250lb "ushers" menace you to move on, and it is not pretty.

Once you have been accosted and roughed up a few times,and told that you are a mark for black revenge on whites, perhaps you will wake up to the realities all around you. But I seriously doubt it. You would claim it was a one-off situation, not to be repeated, but I could take you to the precinct station a few blocks from here and let you read the reports week after week of black-on-white violence. Oh, they do not run to the newspaper unless it is exceptionally violent, such as for murder.
Since half of the police force is black, guess how many incidents are handled? Many are simply covered over.

My grandson and three of his friends were brutally beaten by such a roving black gang down in Greenville, NC, last year, just a block away from ECU. The band was caught, and they told the story of it being a rite of initiation into their gang of hundreds to beat up whites. They were from a town miles away from Greenville.

We have roving bands of blacks here in my dictrict that are looking for whites to beat up also, and last Summer three of them found two VCU students just across the street from my home, jumped out of their car, and put both of the students in the hospital--one died. We are talking about a genteel neighborhood where the average cost of a house is about %700,000, and many are afraid to go out at night--especially unarmed.

I was accosted by a huge black and threatened in front of my house, but was fortunate that two neighbors saw what was going on and came out to help run the guy off. I have been armed ever since.

My Mother was mugged by a black here in front of the house, but that was a few years ago.

A block away there have been three rapes this Fall with aggrevated assault, all by blacks.

We are literally at war with SOME blacks (note the emphasis: I do not lump all blacks in the same category) in the heart of the Capitol of Virginia. So don't tell me about black-on-white violence; I am in the middle of it, and moving to the suburbs won't help either--they have the same problems with rovers. The police reports tell the story of over 2,000 such incidents in this district of about a thousand homes last year.

It seems that many of the members of these gangs, a few of which have been put out of business, are regular attendees at one or another of the black power churches, or so they confess, and from that you can draw your own conclusions.

You see, I am not a racist, but I AM going to defend myself and my family from these vicious blacks, and I will support voting to eradicate those blacks that abuse their positions from their power of office, all the way up to the President, where the crimes are far more "white-collar" and refined, but still quite effective in robbing my bank account.

It would be exactly the same, note you well again, were it to be whites, blues, or purple gangs that were doing the harm, but it is odds-on here that an intruder, a mugger or a ruffian will be black and probably a black power organization member or church-goer!

You have obviously not had the fear of grevious harm smashed into your consciousness by a black, nor had the threats and actual violence we have here from them to contend with. So good luck to you and your gossimer fantasy world.

Yes, the KKK could well have written what I wrote, if they had the same cause to defend--themselves, their families and homes that I have--from the brutal blacks we know here.
So what? Any man would do the same, if he is a real man, that is.

Comment Posted By mannning On 23.12.2009 @ 13:00

MR: Where did I say that the racist meme I alluded to was only a Rightist meme?

It simply exists in many hearts regardless of political persuasion, I have found.

Comment Posted By mannning On 22.12.2009 @ 22:33

A race component as I described it above in and of itself is not the total rationale for rejecting Obama and the leftist legislators in congress. It is merely one piece of the indictment, and it does not rest solely on the Right, either, to have this racist component in their hearts and minds.

But, then, the Left assumes that it's members are free of such memes when they are manifestly not free of it at all! I have heard more whispered racist critiques and "meaningful nods" about Obama and Co. from my Democratic friends than from my Rightist friends at the many social gatherings of this season, much to my surprise. Even the hypocritical Democratic faithful here are beginning to see that the Emperor has no clothes.

Comment Posted By mannning On 22.12.2009 @ 20:53

Let us admit to several unpalatable memes, because truth should out.

1) There is indeed a race component to the opposition to Obama, but it isn't a simple color issue at all. It is an issue born of a virulent black culture that hates America, and wishes to wreck its revenge on the white majority--think Reverend White--and Obama is its titular leader. To support this ideology is to support the downfall of white America.

2) The GOP has failed to grasp and hold its position over the past 9 years, and seems to be quite leaderless just now. The "Big Tent" has fractionated into its various subsets, such as moderates, social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, evangelicals, and the far right, and there doesn't appear to be a charismatic personality that can glue them back together in time for the 2010 elections.


3)The Obama Left is doing itself tremendous damage with its spendthrift legislation and government takeover policies, that may well create an effective opposition of necessity out of the fractionated GOP subsets and disaffected independents in spite of their many continuing internal squabbles.

Comment Posted By mannning On 22.12.2009 @ 12:36


There are elements of the UN that are involved in feeding starving Africans and other necessary charitable operations around the globe (UNESCO,WHO,IMF,UNICEF, etc). The worth of all such operations of the UN should be determined, and an alternative to each of them that are indeed worthy of surviving arranged, before shutting the UN down permanently.

It is my contention that the majority of nations in the world and their governments are not morally and ethically ready for democracy, and hence can only corrupt any organization such as the UN. Quite obviously, they have.

It has also been my contention that a coalition of the strong, free and democratic nations of the West would be far preferable to the UN, would give us a forum to replace the UN, and ensure that issues and voting would be along moral lines that free societies can have the will to support.

Comment Posted By mannning On 21.12.2009 @ 16:22


Sp! changeable

Comment Posted By mannning On 17.12.2009 @ 13:09

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