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Figures about the number of Muslims in the US seem to be quite variable. The 2006 data from the census gives 1% foreign-born Muslims and 1.1% US-born Muslims, which yields over 6 million followers of that faith in our nation.

Guess the percentage of bad, violent Muslims as perhaps 1% of the total, or about 60 thousand potential terrorists. Want to make it more palatable? OK, then take only 1/4%, which leaves us 15 thousand to chase after on a daily basis, because they are identified as linked with terrorist organizations run from Muslim lands.

Of course we don't know legally just what these people are up to, and they are at any one moment being passive and making nice. But, it occurs to me that we are wide open to their use of bombs, and the most likely number of them is not bandied about by the authorities. This number of potentially 15 thousand terrorists in the US is, to put it mildly, a significant bunch to keep an eye on, and that is the minimum, I believe.

So let the majority be rosy and friendly, and not able to hurt a fly. They aren't the ones to worry about, at least not at first.

Then too, there is no known test one can devise to expose the bad guys. You will know them by their acts.

We cannot keep putting our heads in the sand about this threat, can we?

Comment Posted By mannning On 21.09.2007 @ 20:47


Sorry you think the use of gd is perfectly ok. This means you do not obey the injunction not to take the Lord's name in vain. Little things like this slip into our usage, and soon few if any of the Ten Commandments are being followed. It's the old broken window philosophy again.

Or, you take the right to select which Commandments you are willing to violate (no direct punishment),and which you elect to obey, such as not to murder, which is also a criminal law and you get hanged for it. :)

Comment Posted By mannning On 17.09.2007 @ 15:38


Excellent post! I only wish there was some way to counter these moonbats effectively. Your post goes a long way, but I keep thinking of an evil bot that seeks the moonbats out and erases their hard drive, or something! Too bad that only invites reprisals in kind!

Comment Posted By mannning On 6.09.2007 @ 22:08


Guilty! I learned to aim, hold my breath, then pull the trigger way back. This makes wingnuts very uncomfortable. :)

Comment Posted By mannning On 2.09.2007 @ 20:40

busboy Re: #76

Thank you for the complement. Naturally, the ideas I used were not original. Two sources have guided me in this: 1) The Edge of Evolution, by Michael Behe; and, 2) Programming the Universe, by Seth Lloyd.
I recommend both very highly. :)

Comment Posted By mannning On 2.09.2007 @ 13:58

busboy Re: #74

We seem to have been brought up in the same faith, but from the age of fifteen, my course veered off in many directions. Only after age 45 did I return to the fold. To my knowledge the bible is silent on the matter of concern here. My belief was sparked by the unfolding of the various cell phenomena connected with conception and growth. The creation of a human being is one continuous explosion of cells, guided by information contained in genes of many types. If it is so continuous and explosive, and if it is guided by the information content within cells, then incremental division between non-life and life, or non-human and human is simply not possible. It must be registered as starting with conception. Life begins at conception, in this view. If this isn't so, then where is the real dividing line? Where is that point where life does not exist. Does someone have a meter that registers the lack of turn on of life in a fetus? Then too, why is it an issue? Why is it necessary to call one stage non-human-life and the very next stage human life? How does one find the precise point here in a maze of developing cells in the womb? Is it only because there are vested interests in having the option to abort? If so, that is not a particularly good reason--it is a horrible reason, in fact.

Of course I must grant that others believe differently. It is very difficult to understand why others believe that way, however, since we are talking about lives to be lived--or not. I vote for life, and in a real sense, I grieve for the some 14 million aborted lives in the last ten years. It must be so that others do not grieve, do not hurt. They may be the lucky ones:
it is not for me to judge them, either.

Comment Posted By mannning On 1.09.2007 @ 21:41

I am appalled again that so many think that abortion is a nothing event. Not everyone, thank God, since most Christians would object to it. Unfortunately, some Christians are too weak in their faith to chose rearing a child over abortion. In any event, government funding for such an act should be stopped cold.

Comment Posted By mannning On 31.08.2007 @ 13:08

Re: #68 busboy

You are quite right. There are those who think abortion is simply a medical procedure with no negative aspects. However, I would venture that they are either not Christians, or they are Christians with weak principles--letting their desire not to be obligated to raise a child take precedence over their faith. In which case they make the very excuse you put forth: oh, it's only protoplasm, not a person at all. This is exactly where my view differs. Abortion kills the objects, embedded procedures and mechanisms of life for a person.

Comment Posted By mannning On 31.08.2007 @ 12:39

In the end, the two issues are indeed wedge issues. Who can possibly help the legal situation regarding abortion or gay marriage except the political parties? Who can identify the party they want to vote for, if they cannot read or hear which party will follow their wishes? Do we still have majority rule, or are we actually ruled by five men in black robes?

Comment Posted By mannning On 30.08.2007 @ 17:11

Re: #62 You now have my position correctly. Yes, it is an article of faith, until science unravels the information content of elements, cells, DNA and genes,and the mechanisms that drive both the conception of a human being and the humans ultimate form.

Lacking that development, I will continue to believe that embedded in those objects and mechanisms is the secret of the creation of human life. I will also continue to believe that deliberately interdicting the process, once started, is murder.

The appalling thing to me is the sheer number of abortions in the US, which is averaging some 1.5 million/year. Yet we are far, far more concerned with the murder of their much older brothers and sisters in Iraq, now approaching 3,800. There is something grossly incommensurate about those figures and the feelings that go with them.

Comment Posted By mannning On 30.08.2007 @ 16:48

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