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The perfect unknown emerges from his Chicago cocoon and wins the Leftist candidacy for president. Enough people are for him to rate him as a probable winner. Just about everything discovered about him, including his wife, is odious and pitiful, except his oratory. He has no sound plans for anything. His roots are Black Liberation and Marxist. And fools will vote for him in November, too.

This whole catastrophe has a major cause---Bushomania, or BDS---that the Left has practiced for the past 7+ years. Well, Bush will be gone, as will his minions.

America will not be gone, and neither will 300 million citizens that deserve leadership far, far better than can ever be expected from this Obama person. So you vote for "change" and never ask "what changes will he foster off on the citizens?" How very stupid!

Comment Posted By mannning On 4.06.2008 @ 22:03


Excellent post! Startling as hell!

Comment Posted By mannning On 30.05.2008 @ 20:39


Retire05: Excellent posts! Your points are right on target.

Comment Posted By mannning On 28.05.2008 @ 00:17


#17 Bobwire: Manicheanism is far too complicated for me to understand. All I can attest to is the present evil I see, hear, and have testimony about, of which there is a surfeit regarding Islam.

Comment Posted By mannning On 24.05.2008 @ 15:48

Throwing Parsley under the bus may prove to be more problematic than lancing the Hagee boil. The Ohio preacher’s anti-Islam spiel appeals to not only evangelicals, but to a segment of conservatives who fancy themselves Islamic scholars – perhaps because they’ve read some half baked analysis of a few lines from the Koran purporting to show that Muslims worship the moon – and are attracted by Parsley’s hellfire and damnation talk about Muslims and where they can stick it.

The implication of this statement is that you have a much better idea what 1.3 billion Muslims worship and how far their fanaticism and Jihadism will go than has a cast of Islamic scholars that have spent their lives exposing Islam for what it is.

It is one thing, an admirable thing, to be charitable, respectful and tolerant toward your fellow man; it is another thing to be willfully foolish and steadfastly ignorant of the evil set before your eyes in the bold print of every Islamic sacred document, in ghastly photos of our dead and Muslim dead at their own hands, and in the spoken words of Muslims around the world. I just hope that such thinking reverses itself before it is too late for our nation. This Rod Parlsey is not known to me, but on Islam, he just might be in the right, judging by your words. How many of our people must die before we fully recognize this evil for what it is, and stop making platitudinous excuses for ruthlessness?

Comment Posted By mannning On 23.05.2008 @ 22:36


Thank you, Rick, for a bang on assessment.

Comment Posted By mannning On 15.05.2008 @ 23:44


Her campaign will open the door to other women running for president so that the next time, the fact that a candidate is a woman will hardly be noticed.

Somehow, I cannot buy into this statement. The glass ceiling will still be there, no matter how many Clinton-like creatures have a go. Especially the Clinton types, I believe!

Comment Posted By mannning On 16.05.2008 @ 20:34


Did I understand correctly that the US transferred some KC-10s to Israel in the recent past? And that we also gave them access to our super-penetrator bomb technology and some examples?
If so, Israel is close to being fully equipped to make a bomb run to Iran and back, especially if we do not block them from transiting Iraqi airspace, and maybe Jordan looks the other way as well.

To me, this means Israel will execute the run the minute they decide that Iran has gone far enough with their nuke development. I agree that the US will not be able to stop them. What I also believe is that we will have to join them, for Iran will retaliate, and will include us in their counterstrikes.

I still moan the reductions Clinton made in the Army, and Bush's reluctance to build it back up. We will need a lot of troops, and soon, don't you think?

Comment Posted By mannning On 9.05.2008 @ 21:16


Let us ask Obama if he supports the Black Liberation Movement: Yes, or No.

Comment Posted By mannning On 5.05.2008 @ 22:11


It has always seemed to me that a significant morality was instilled into human beings from the start. A morality, and an awareness of the idea of God was there. It can be rejected and covered over, but it is still a potent, transcendental force for most of us. This morality burgeons forth when needed to solve the problems of life, even when unbidden, and even when unwanted and ridiculed.

Similarly, a good education from the early years on most often predisposes one to seek one’s own way, and to live by a code that is agreeable to the self. If that education is slanted by religion, informed by religion, and instilled by religion, it too will burgeon forth with or without conscious assent in future years.

Thus there are these two factors--inherent morality and education--that are not really capable of being totally suppressed by the minds of most people. They can be an embarrassment to conscious thought as well, particularly if one has decided to run counter to their moral instincts and teachings. It is a massive internal struggle, I believe, that each of us has to go through (or to avoid, by accepting the morality, accepting the religion, and accepting the teachings without challenge.).

Rejecting God, Jesus and The Holy Ghost, and all of the rituals, ceremonies, dogmas, miracles and trappings of formal religion is indeed a massive mental and psychological undertaking. I suspect, however, that the truth is as I have said--it is all still there, that religion, just lightly covered over with evasions, counter arguments, misbelieving, and misunderstandings.

One question I posed to myself is: why does the universe, life and man exist at all? Is there a purpose, or not? I find it exceedingly difficult to ascribe it all to pure mechanism.

Comment Posted By mannning On 21.04.2008 @ 22:05

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