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The first six of these comparisons were from Brad Minor in his "The Short Conservatism Encyclopedia".

Comment Posted By mannning On 4.07.2008 @ 21:49

It is quite easy to accept Peter Beinhart's thesis, but, as I posted before under the subject of patriotism, we can accept the critiques of the past and present by liberals, but not necessarily the ideas or plans for the future. There seem to be the following ideological contretemps between conservatives and liberals:
1. Realism, not Relativism
2. Skepticism, not Progressivism
3. Evolved Order, not Constructivism
4. Federalism, not Statism
5. Capitalism, not Collectivism
6. Theism, not Secularism
7. Sovereignty, not Internationalism
8. Personal Responsibility, not Central Solutions to All Problems
9. Moral Rectitude, not Hedonism
10. Rejection of liberalism, socialism, communism, and pacifism, not acceptance
11. Charity, not welfare, insofar as possible, but yes, aid the truly needy
12. Proactive defense of the nation, not passive response.

Comment Posted By mannning On 4.07.2008 @ 21:20


The UK and Japan have paid for their gun bans and "be nice to your criminal laws" with very large increases in home robberies, armed holdups and horrific knifings.

The knife has become the weapon of choice now, and in many ways the threat of being sliced and diced is even more frightening than a gun threat, especially to the defenseless elderly.

Comment Posted By mannning On 1.07.2008 @ 21:46

The one statistic that is hardly ever highlighted is that of John Lott's effort to put a number on the use of firearms in defense of the home. Lott travelled to over 2,000 police departments to read their crime logs for incident reports.

What Lott found was that on the average, as many as 3.6 million or as few as 760,000 incidents a year occurred where the home defender halted a crime by using a handgun or shotgun. He further found that in states where concealed carry laws were put in place that the mean per-capita mass death rate from public shootings fell by 69%.

You have to recognize that the statistics are actually suppressed in the MSM and by the police, since it is fatal to the gun control freaks' arguments.

Suggested reading: "The Seven Myths of Gun Control" by Richard Poe, Forum publisher, 2001, from which the above Lott findings were taken.

Comment Posted By mannning On 1.07.2008 @ 14:16


So be it, Stew. I must reply that it is rather difficult to track down every lie from every politico and government servant, regardless of political ideology. I must also say that disagreement with policy, legislation, orders, or votes is not a catalog of left or right lies, per se, but the real motives on either side do matter immensely! That puts the left on the negative side of life and times.

Comment Posted By mannning On 30.06.2008 @ 13:01

That is sort of comforting, Stew, I guess. But in my reading of your post, you attack conservatives just a bit too unjustly. What you seem to dislike are the liars that are also politicians, and there we can agree completely. However, the horrible lies and counter intuitive positions coming from the left, both from politicians and leftists, in the past eight years are to me far, far more distainful than anything from the right. That is what I critique.

Comment Posted By mannning On 30.06.2008 @ 12:06

One has to wonder at the trajectory in life and in society being traced by an individual that finds many lies on the right and much truth on the left. Why, he must be spending too much time with only the left that is truthful and too much time with only the right that are liars. What a strange and highly selective path he follows.

Comment Posted By mannning On 30.06.2008 @ 01:49

Someone here wishes for a non-liberal, non-conservative state of bliss, probably wanting the campfire syndrome to take hold. One other wants leftists to be respected, and still others are adamant rightists. A marvelous mixture!

It shows the power of an idea--patriotism--to fire all sides into commenting, including the idea of floating above the fray with distain for the peasants below that, in their ignorance, struggle mightily to survive the onset of insidious dissolution of the nation they love by misguided and arrogant elitists.

It shows that very many real issues divide us instead of uniting us today, and I do not see this abating, especially if Obama reaches the seat of power. Far from being a uniter, this man is no patriot, and has no concept of such an act, as his 20 year absorption of Black Liberation attests. Nor could he ever succeed, for that matter..

We have few, if any, patriotic center-leftists remaining. There is only the rabble on the far left, the so-called moonbats, to hear in every channel of communication. Patriotism? Does anyone really believe in that virtue on the far left? Do they have anything useful to add to the common good besides abortion, porn, gay marriage, promiscuous behavior, abhorrant elitism, internationalism, loss of our sovereignty and spending far more taxpayer dollars?

Patriotism on the left?

Bah humbug!

Comment Posted By mannning On 29.06.2008 @ 20:49

Spelling correction: malleable, not malliable

Comment Posted By mannning On 28.06.2008 @ 22:15

Rick is to be congratulated on this post, and Peter as well on his. Taken together they define a sound basis for agreement on the essential love of country, and the needs for veneration of the good in the past, critique of the present, and what our future should entail.

There is the rub, however! The ideals for the future between the conservative and the liberal are poles apart in so many issues-- to name one: equal opportunity versus equal outcomes. These two concepts are fundamentally incompatible, resting as they do on reward for enterprise and initiative on the one hand, and economic and social leveling and collectivism on the other. Human nature is not so malliable.

So is it true for security of the nation in this time: treating Islamic terrorism as an external threat to the nation requiring bold action, versus treating terrorism as merely a police matter not causing us to entertain much of any action except after the fact of a terrorist attack!

So is it true for poverity, secularism, morals, and the other issues of abortion, same sex marriage, and certain limits of freedom for the common good.

Thus, the question arises strongly in the minds of conservatives as to the real, true patriotism of those who would take our future into regions of thought, action and situations that we do not understand, and do not believe to be right for America--or for any people.

It is one thing to critique the truly bad situations in the nation, but it another to use those situations as a wedge to realize a political objective such as serious movement of the nation further toward socialism or communism, neither of which any conservative could possibly stand or permit without a fight.

Comment Posted By mannning On 28.06.2008 @ 21:25

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