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As many others have remarked, it is the citizenry that is going to be screwed come November. We will lean much futher to the left either way, with bipartisanship the name of the game--that is, the right gives in to the left.

We get more illegals either way. We get liars and exaggerators either way. We get ignorance and deadly preconceived notions either way. We will have either a tunnel vision olster or a rank, smooth talking neophyte at the helm as we course through the failures of our financial system--one going to sleep, or the other just itching to dump cash onto his followers by any means possible, or to just be "present". In this time, it may be fortunate that there will not be much free cash floating around!

It is just that each candidate has his flaws in different areas of governance. There must be some sort of spillover of incompetence from the faulty areas to the supposedly correct areas as well. At least McCain has some experience in military affairs. Obama has none.

We are screwed in 08, but less so with McCain. The real problem is going to be the Congress under the left's creamy, slippery hands, and with too many RINOs and spenders on the right.
Keeping the Presidency in Republican hands seems to be the only brake we csn possibly have on a wild ride for America.

Comment Posted By mannning On 28.09.2008 @ 14:03

Blogs and the 2008 Election


No, it doesn't. The leftists love to come onto a rightwing site and challenge the thinking they see, or at least to harass the posters. Throw in a few links to explore and you have a smersh to ponder over. Besides, one can't just sit in blogs of one's own kind for long. That, too, becomes boring when you see all of your memes for the teenth time.

What is necessary is to retreat to the safety of one's own kind for a sanity check, since there is precious little openness and intelligence to be had on the likes of DU or Kos, or the old warblog, to name a few. Most seem to practice flaming before reason--and after, also.

Comment Posted By mannning On 30.09.2008 @ 12:16

Genes, culture, and something called truth seem to motivate bloggers on the conservative side. Seeing leftist falsity everywhere surely causes the newshound conservative to warm up his keyboard and let fly in the only place he can with instant gratification--a blog, or several blogs.

Most bloggers, and the media, I have read on the opposing side are rife with the false meme of the day, pushing other's dreamed up stories, or simply showing their vicious streak. Sometimes, they are trying to spin around their gaffes, to make their false statements appear to be true, black to be white, minus to be plus, and down to be up. Sorting such nonsense out too often is sheer misery.

One longs for the safety of (at least mostly)like-minded, rightwing bloggers, such as at the nuthouse.

Comment Posted By mannning On 23.09.2008 @ 12:49


Obama is NOT a fiscal conservative, McCain is.

Obama does not have any executive experience at all.

Obama does not have any financial credentials at all.

Obama is in the tank with Black Liberationists.

McCain has proven that he is his own man, and can lead the Republicans out of their misery.
McCain is very forthright about the need to turn the party around, and become fiscally more prudent.

McCain has more insight into military affairs than Obama by a long margin. We need a President that can deal with the Pentagon, the Iraqi situation, Iran, and Afghanistan, just to name the most pressing of our military engagements.
With our financial crisis weakening us, we need McCain far more than some liberal academic pipsqueek Democrat, Obama-the-God (Hmmm..LAPDOG!) from the Chicago Machine leading us in a time of great peril from those who would bring us down.

LAPDOG is the least qualified candidate for President ever, in my lifetime.

Biden is a joke--an expensive and gaffe-prone joke at that. He lets the Democrat's secrets out, to thier great embarassment, if you read closely!

Vote Republican!

Comment Posted By mannning On 18.09.2008 @ 21:48

I suggest that an Obama win would mean in excess of 15-20 years before we could turn around the damage he and his party would wreck on America. Many of the decisions made, voted out, and signed by Obama would be nearly impossible to reverse, especially those that would be entitlements, such as universal health care, universal college for free, reparations to blacks, and who knows what else?

The tax burden on the middle class and near-upper class would be severe, and very hard to change short of two or three presidential cycles. Your 2014 would pass by in a flash without much help, and suddenly we conservatives would be having to aim for 2028 or later, which means forget it for me.

The very hint that any person calling himself a conservative is planning to vote for Obama, should be the call for his being drummed out of the conservative movement, shunned, and left to wither somewhere.

The only backstops we have against a Democratic Party in control of Congress are the Presidential veto, and the filabuster. Without either of these weapons, and with less seats for us, we are at the mercy of the left.

We must fight now as well as fight later for conservative principles and practices, else our march to socialism will accelerate all the more.

Comment Posted By mannning On 17.09.2008 @ 23:37


I would like to review the speech that Lieberman gave at the wake cum political platform the Dems held for Paul Wellstone (?) a while back. My recollection is that Lieberman went off the rails that night and condemned Bush and all he stood for. If so, this speech should be brought back to life about now.

Comment Posted By mannning On 20.08.2008 @ 17:37


An excellent post!

In the end, however, we will continue to stock and make ready for use the more modern versions of nuclear weapons, in case of need. There may be no more Hiroshimas, which is much to be wished, but it is entirely possible that there will be other cities to feel the heat, if only in retaliation for a first strike on the US.

I do believe that the "triad" is still in service and available 24/7: that is, nuclear-armed bombers; land-launched missiles; and sea-launched missiles. Today, I suppose, the triad has been extended or elided to include nuclear-armed air, land, and sea-launched cruise missiles.

We must remain prepared to do what is necessary to defend our nation.

Comment Posted By mannning On 14.08.2008 @ 15:46


So now some people want the Democratic version of the same sins, Tim? I seriously doubt that Republicans will turn en masse to BHO, and I have equally grave doubts that BHO is all that secure within the Democratic Party, plus he is not only unknown, but for his soaring rhetoric from a teleprompter, he has some heavy baggage to tote as well. Most Americans do not want a Marxist/communist in the White House. That will be his undoing.

Comment Posted By mannning On 18.08.2008 @ 20:50

No one is a completely "bottom up" or BU thinker or analyst, just as no one is a completely "top down" or TD analyst of our way of life, government, and our many problems. The TDer makes many little problems out of very large problems in a coherent manner in order to solve them incrementally, whereas the BUer is always busy identifying problems at the lower levels, and literally cannot see the woods for the trees much of the time.

I see Obama as an interesting combination of 5% visionary TD, and 95% pieces and parts BU.

To be a visionary TDer is relatively easy, since our local, national, and world ideals are standing there screaming to be recognized and worked on by all of us. Just pick a few: World peace; Third World development; economic stability in the US; the Middle East; Judeo-Christianity versus Islam... Oil...

A pieces and parts BU type, on the other hand, is cursed with the perception of hundreds and hundreds of problems, only some of which are sufficiently interrelated that common solutions can be teased out of the morass and championed.

What seems worse to me is that the BUer finds it very hard to build his analysis upwards to join with the TD analyst at some middle ground to arrive at holistic, common solutions when they are feasible. Of the many side conditions for such a systhesis, is the preservation of our freedom and liberty, which must rule out authoritarian governmental modifications and Constitutional changes.

The obvious example is Obama's Change and Unity mantras which highlight just about as pure a Top Down approach as one can find, and just about as vacuous, versus his wallowing around in a sea of other, lesser or tangential problems with only the dangerous channalizing of his leftist inclinations to guide him in a BU attempt. The focus on race, cleverly put in the guise of post-racial initiatives is certainly the clearest example of his BU mindset, and the thousand and one subproblems he is raising in the process, each requiring a solution, but still focused on race is a whole bunch of trees.

The problem set that Obama begins with is not necessarily in the mainstream of our desires, and the implications for beginning with his set and his priorities are to distort severely what most of us perceive as the proper direction for our governance, our taxes, our freedoms, our economy and our foreign policies--in short, the future of the nation.

Comment Posted By mannning On 11.08.2008 @ 01:18


Ed. An interesting phrase you used: political realities. This seems to be orthogonal to national realities, and a lexicon that only the initiated can comprehend.

There must be as many "political realities" as there are politicians and their constituents. Or are there merely Leftist political realities and Rightist political realities? Oh, or Independent political realities, too. Oh, and also the realities of each party in existence: Communist, Socialist, Humanist, Libertarian, etc., and, just maybe--Businessmen, and their checkbooks.

I suspect you are right on when you say that businessmen are contemptable in politician's eyes, but I will assure you that the same is exceedingly true for politicians in the eyes of the businessman. Hypocrits all.

Comment Posted By mannning On 27.07.2008 @ 23:29

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