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Yes indeed! Just what the doctor ordered. We do not need a continuing fiscal disaster fueled by th Obama liberal camp. I will join the tea parties in my area pronto. We need to turn these spendthrifts out as quickly as possible!

I am often criticised for my thorough and adamant dislike of liberals, but we see now what happens when they come into power and diddle with the financial world. Forewarning did absolutely no good, and we are now many trillions of dollars poorer, with the debt ballooning daily. Our children will suffer for this. In Newt's words, this is "generational theft".

Obama owns this mess now, fully and completely. Forget the fact that Bush was running down the same road; he was a real piker compared to Obama at 13 trillion dollars and counting.

Obama lied, the economy died!

Comment Posted By mannning On 28.02.2009 @ 10:37


Good post, Mike.

I am afraid that I have become quite pessimistic about the future of our country. We are descending into a dreamland, pushed by a majority that wants the good times to keep on rolling, paid for by the government, of course.
This seemingly rapid descent into socialism and general poverty has no solution that can be effected in time to prevent total disaster.

True conservatism could offer good answers, but that medicine tastes awful to the good-timers, and even if that happened somehow in 2010 and again in 2014, it will be far, far too late to avoid catastrophe, I am coming to believe. What happens this year will seal the deal for socialism, especially if universal healthcare comes into being soon. That is precisely why all the hurry from the liberals--get'er done!

Obama lied, the economy died!

Comment Posted By mannning On 28.02.2009 @ 19:05

michael reynolds: I am reminded of the standard practice of the Rusian military to back up their front line troop with a second troop whose duty it was to ensure that the front guys kept going forward. The sure threat of death from the rear made it quite "courageous" to keep going towards the enemy, perhaps with better odds of survival.

I am reminded of the Cong practice of holding whole villages hostage to the performance of dragooned members.

In my view, the average soldiers in the wars you cite were not fired up to courageous actions by the ideals of Communism, Imperialism, or Democratic Socialism, however romantic that thought might be to some, but rather to the idea of defense of their families and homeland against the enemy regardless of political overlays.

Their specific performance on the battlefield may well be attributed to the group influences of their comrades to the right and left of them, or to some form of coersion or even drugs. Fight or be shot, for instance is a rather strong stimulus to courage.

Comment Posted By mannning On 27.02.2009 @ 17:20

Please quit taking a degree-to-which statement as cannonical. Such factors obviously change with time and circumstance, just as genes evolve.
One or more of these factors might dominate at one point in time due to influences beyond the pale. These must be long-term trends, not extrordinary exceptions.

Fortitude IS courage: the argument you pose is merely that there is some degree of fortitude shown on the left on occasion, and so there is. Big deal.

It is the balance over time that is telling, not the exceptional moment, hour, day, week, or month for anyone, whether they be conservative or liberal.

Men in combat can do adrenalin-driven, extrodinary, uncharacteristic, highly unlikely, and courageous things under the stress of battle.

Remove that immediate combat stress and there is normally a major downshift back in the direction they are set up for in the long term.

Comment Posted By mannning On 27.02.2009 @ 16:51

A genetic predisposition to prefer certain situations and conflicts over others is certainly part of our makeup. It is literaly in our adaptive genes from day one.

One could suspect that the differences between conservative and liberal gene makeups might be in degrees of preference for:

-order over chaos;
-strength over weakness;
-tradition and custom over invention and experimentation;
-a bird-in-hand over two in the bush;
-fight rather than flight;
-independence over collectivity;
-prudence over risk-taking;
-fortitude over lack of courage;
-temperance over intemperance;
-justice over injustice;
-virtue over vice;
-truth over falsity;
-etc, etc;

the sum of which favors true conservatism as being by many degrees the more stable, positive, and satisfactory, but obviously the less exciting, contrary and adventurous, especially with OPM, as we see now with Obama.

Comment Posted By mannning On 27.02.2009 @ 11:43

Oh, Chuck, you can figure it out, there's a good boy!

Comment Posted By mannning On 26.02.2009 @ 22:09



Comment Posted By mannning On 26.02.2009 @ 15:21

....that for conservatism to become competitive in the marketplace of ideas again, it must acknowledge its shortcomings and work toward reforming itself to better reflect what America has become rather than the way America used to be.

Yes, right, it is true that we cannot easily reverse the twenty most egregious Supreme Court decisions of the past century that have altered our governance in extrordinary ways, BUT WE SHOULD TRY!

Yes, right, we would find it rather difficult to reeducate the millions that have been steeped in "me first", porn and hedonism for decades, and have forgotten their earlier training in morality (if they ever had any), BUT WE SHOULD TRY!

Yes, right, we would find it very hard to counter the siren calls of easy welfare, new rights and privileges, tax rebates for taxes never submitted, free medical care, free college, and all of the bribes that spendthrift liberals offer for your vote, BUT WE SHOULD TRY!

Yes, right, America is not the America of the 50's and 60's, WE GET THAT! But we also get that what has changed us is often not for the good, and should be corrected. Just because something exists now, or is the mode of thought now, does not come close to implying that we conservatives should make any significant changes to our beliefs at all. That is, if you are not lazy, and are not looking for the easy way forward.

I, for one, would never think of running hard to catch up with today's political center in order to lead it, because that center is now what we used to call the left, or the center left, anyway. Education of the body politic toward the right is needed, however, and WE SHOULD TRY!

And, we should let the current debacle speak for the cunning ways of the left, which is a horse that has its own head for now. Maybe a little later, they will listen to prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice, and what these virtues demand of each of us.

Just maybe, if we work at it hard enough!

Comment Posted By mannning On 26.02.2009 @ 15:13

Are you saying that conservatives should remake themselves around the model of a modern 17 year old's ideas? That their training, thought processes and exposure are what we must adapt to?
That we must become less doctrinaire because they have been taught differently? That their view of the world is somehow better than ours because they are unformed plastic shells in a still tough world?

What appears to be the case is that this is a call for surrender of the current conservative value system in favor of a nebulous kumbaya with raw, new-thought teenagers brought up in a system of liberal perfection-of-man goo that is largely antithical to us, leading toward agnosticism or atheism, and totally impractical as a guide in the real world.

This strikes me as exactly the reverse of what should happen. The teens of all ages, their education system, and their spiritual upbringing must be addressed and formulated to teach them Christian conservative values early on, not the other way around.

Comment Posted By mannning On 26.02.2009 @ 07:53


By the end of this year, I expect that most Conservatives, those that are above the adulation of Obama, will be in full and highly vocal revolt against the Obama Administration, and will turn on their rath here on the web as well as in every media that will publish the rants. This Administration will by then have earned the people's rath twice over, I believe. The Honeymoon will be over and done with.

Every hint of creeping or galloping socialism will be castigated, and every decision that moves us in some other liberal spend, spend, spend direction will be challenged thoroughly, competently, and I hope without foul language from our side. Let us make it unlike the last 8 years of dirty-mouthed and hypocritical Liberal rants and lies.

Does anyone think that we should be giving a billion dollars to Hamas?

Perhaps the trigger indicator will be Obama's slide in the polls to under 50%. Watch for it!

Comment Posted By mannning On 25.02.2009 @ 11:50

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