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Why, it is quite normal for adults to compare factual notes with each other about a competing member of the opposite party and his statements. The accusations can be phrased in a very gentlemanly manner as well, but definitive enough without overreaching into cusswords or obviously false claims. One thereby avoids a nasty public confrontation and bad, ungentlemanly language exchanges with the President that can brand one as a foul-mouthed fool, but can still make one's point where it counts.

There is a old saying that comes to mind, sonething about not trying to wrestle with a pig because you will get mud all over you, and the pig will delight in it.

However, a lie is a lie, isn't it? Some people do rise to the occasion rather forcefully, don't they, which is actually undeniable in an instance or two! Gee, another saying here: the truth will out!

Comment Posted By mannning On 7.02.2010 @ 13:31

What a fine exception to the rule! They do happen.

Comment Posted By mannning On 7.02.2010 @ 00:47

As the old saying goes, one battle does not a war make, given that your take on this confrontation is objectively correct. I didn't see the event, so I can't verify or deny the results you speak of.

Nor can I believe that such a session would be a true free-for-all, with the GOP members thrashing the President right and left, instead of trying to maintain a modicrum of comity. There is a certain reluctance by Republicans, and for that matter, any collection of real gentlemen, to call the sitting President a liar, a dummy, prig, or an ideologue--and to back the accusations up with detailed chapter and verse--to his face, anyway.
Apparently, Obama had no such compunctions, if what you claim is right. So, if you want to give Obama that day, fine. It doesn't change anything, really, that I can see except Obamaite's morale, which is or should be at an all-time low about now.

Well, it just might also help to dispel the idea that Obama needs his teleprompter to make sense, which would be a rather good thing. It is not very comforting to think that we are being ruled by a true dummy for the next three years.

God Bless America!

Comment Posted By mannning On 6.02.2010 @ 14:03

For a moment, let us return to the idea that some politicos say one thing and do another. Not that they do this in every situation, or for every statement they emit, but they do it often enough to merit extremely close attention to their words versus their actions.

It is clearly, clearly reserved for those times when they read the tea leaves; that is, when they realize that a significant sector of the public wants to insist on one way and the politico wants to go in exactly the opposite direction. Thus, they claim up front that they are going with the public desire, but behind the scenes they are working in the opposite direction.

This tactic was employed by Clinton quite often, and it appears to have been fully embraced by Obama. It is designed very cynically to misdirect and neutralize some part of the public as to the real intentions of the politico and his party at a critical point, such as before an election or a key legislative vote.

The open government theme of transparency is a perfect example of such a meme readily embraced by the public(out of many), so stated as absolutely necessary over and over by Obama, and almost totally reversed in practice by him and by his party once he was elected.

A video of Democratic legislators and Obama horsetrading away on national TV to buy votes for the Obama Healthcare bill would be instantly devastating to the entire gaggle of politicos shown!

Comment Posted By mannning On 5.02.2010 @ 12:43

You slay me, MR!

You champion the worst Administration ever, and believe that they won't cooperate with the leftist Congress that hastily called a conference just to announce that the crotch bomber is talking?

Yes, I do believe that pressure was put on the FBI, in particular, to come up with something to take the heat off of Obama and Company and Holder, and it seems to be working among you faithful! Power-mad people all.

Of course I don't know what the bomber is saying, and I said as much earlier, and neither do you, but you swallow the Admin and L-congress story regardless. I don't.

As I said before, I have zero trust in Obama and his cohorts, and I believe they are out and out liars when they think it will help their cause. It isn't difficult to make the FBI go along either, by bending the truth just a bit, when their new
budget livelihood is at stake right now, and so too for the rest of the gaggle they dragged in.

Look up Moody's statement today about the US definitely losing its AAA credit rating because of Obama's budget--if it passes substantially in its current form and amount. It is a financial disaster for us, and the whole world knows it but the faithful! One-term Obama is how I see it.

"We must be fiscally prudent," so here is my 3.8 Trillion dollar budget for FY2011. Why doesn't that strike a dischord with the faithful? You are being conned along with us all.

So cheer them on, o wise one! Best you listen very carefully to your hero's every word! Then count the reverses actually acted upon (you know, actions speak louder than words?)!

And listen to CNN too! Promises, promises!

Comment Posted By mannning On 4.02.2010 @ 07:33

Mr. Bottoms finds ideas in my writings too! Bamboo shoots? Beatings? A vivid, but distorted, imagination at work!

Every interrogation that results in potentially actionable intelligence from the captive must go to phase two: independent verification of what the captive has claimed. Otherwise, it is a gamble of great consequence to proceed as if he were telling all truthfully.

This is both costly, dangerous, and many times totally useless when the leads are fictitious or deliberately obtuse. It gets people killed, too.

To develop this verification can take many months, and even years if there are no reliable inside agents, such as is probably the case in Yemen. Or, the source we do have may be very reluctant to risk his life on some low-level person such as the crotch bomber, in the event he becomes identified in the process somehow.

So here we are, with the bomber supposedly singing. Phase Two is coming. Don't hold your breath!

Bamboo shoots indeed! "Lost" is truly a waste of time for a rational person.

Comment Posted By mannning On 3.02.2010 @ 22:58

I really do not like people that read into what I write what is not there.

Show me where I said that the FBI lied! A set piece is not necessarily an out and out lying piece. The guy could have been giving us his most interesting and involved life story, singing with gusto, but leaving out many or most of the parts we want to know.

The FBI would not be lying, just not being fully open. It would not be the first time, either, that the FBI was coy with the facts to please a political set of bosses. You should read about G. Edgar Hoover sometime. Want the list of their sins?

I thought not. You Google it, if you are that interested.

Do you know what the biggest con game the FBI has perpetrated on the public? The vaunted infallibility of their fingerprinting identification record. It really sucks, with an error rate approaching 10%. How do I know? I worked for them as a contractor to try to help them improve it. It was rule number one: we, the FBI, are infallible---which is bull.

You are certainly not the one to talk about political agendas, MR, if it is Obama's agenda you are touting today. Perhaps you and yours have a few extra trillions of dollars in your banks to help us out? No? I see! No contribution but talk--talk, huh?

Comment Posted By mannning On 3.02.2010 @ 22:21

A careful look at those poll results appears to me to put an honest Republican in a bind. Those that answered "don't know" could well have been quite accurate and quite literal in their position.

They answered that way because they honestly have no evidence or authority to back their opinions up either way. The MSM is not such a Stirling source for accurate information about many of these situations.

Impeach Obama? What has he done to deserve this? Don't know! His so-called lies? Don't know. Isn't it sort of normal for the Democratic-elected President to promise many things he can't deliver once elected, and has to reverse himself?

Where was he born? The available data says he was born in Hawaii, but questions have been raised. Haven't seen the data, his certificate, or fully understood the questioning, so: Don't know.

Obama hates white people? Really?, Don't know. Has he ever said this? Hard to get elected President if this were known!

Obama is a socialist? Is he a leftist? Yes, self-described as such, but quietly. Does the government show socialist tendencies now? Yes. Obama, though? Don't know for sure, but hope to hell not!

Wants terrorists to win? Nah! Hard to believe! Don't know for certain-sure, though. Can't get into his mind, especially on matters pertaining to Islam.

ACORN? Maybe, but don't know for sure. No data. ACORN seems to have appeared out of nothing to become a leftist and corrupt political force to be taken into account.

Secede from the US. NO. Want more States Rights and less Federal assumption of power? Hell yes!

Palin? Have no basis or sufficient data for judging Palin versus Obama across the board. Don't know. Palin is liked a lot more by ordinary people, but that wasn't the question. The MSM and other sources have poisoned the well on Palin. So, don't know.

Seems to me that the poll does not give good, clear results.

Comment Posted By mannning On 3.02.2010 @ 21:21

Mr. Bottoms is loosing it! He cannot stem the tide of negativism for his President, his party, and all of their hanger's on, so he simply calls everyone on the right loony, dammit.
Good luck with that line! Seems to me you have hoisted yourself on your own petard.

Comment Posted By mannning On 3.02.2010 @ 20:25

First, you do not know that he is "fully cooperating!" That is probably the political line made up for TV consumption, and it is not necessarily true in reality. You could not possibly know that, either way, for certain. Want to bet that the hearing was a kabuki show, with key lines rehearsed in advance?

Second, I made no mention of coercive tactics against the Nigerian, as someone alluded to, oh, MR, merely that it is the FBI that thought they had gotten it all in 55 minutes anyway. Now we are to believe that the flood gates are open? How very convenient and timely for the Administration, the FBI, and sundry others!

Third, the scary part is if he has in fact cut a deal with Eric Holder and Company. He gets off lighter if he tells all, and this is before he does tell us anything worthwhile to add to his 55 minute interrogation. We may get bamboozled and spend a lot of money to verify or deny what this low-life says and end up with a fistful of sand.

A military court would be the right way to go, his conviction followed by incarceration in...GITMO, with his friends!

Comment Posted By mannning On 3.02.2010 @ 20:18

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