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"How do they KNOW? Because he hasn’t done anything Communist."

Listen to yourself! "They" Who is they? They say he hasn't done anything communist? or socialist, or....So you believe them. How do you know? "They" could be shilling for him.

People here take the word of others, probably unknown, that all is well and good, and no laws broken, or ist thoughts leaking out. So you buy into second or third-hand information, or worse, just like the rest of us must! OK fine, that is all you have to offer. Your opinion, but no facts. None. Just trying to set proper view.

Now, you must be aware that I have not called Obama any of that litergy of ists, except leftist, as did Moran in his post. How would I really know?
I don't.

That is the point. We are all dealing with Nth handed information, and cannot claim such certainty for our opinions. Some do, however. They think they have the good skinny, the truth, the correct view and proclaim it on high as if---AS IF--it were the truth. It isn't necessarily so.

I am simply skeptical as hell that this man is leading us in the right path, and maybe I will invent an ist for it!

Comment Posted By Mannning On 30.09.2009 @ 20:36

It is amazing to read the posts and comments on this site. Most of those that do write here are flat out clarivoyant. They KNOW what lurks in the minds of men. They especially know the most daring, most controversal, and most intimate thoughts and plans of OUR LEADER. They say so! Obama is not a....

They know for a certainty that any President of the United States is not, and cannot be a humanist, a socialist, a communist, or any other ist on the list, except leftist. Can't even have shades of thought in any of those dirty directions, or they would be detected! MUST be a simple ist, a friendly ist, a manageable ist, one that citizens voted for, right?

How do they know this? They just KNOW!

And yet, we are daily appalled by the moves of this strange man, the statements he makes, and the really isty implications of all that he does amd says that are a total embarassment to our nation.


Comment Posted By mannning On 30.09.2009 @ 11:40

How does a yoyo know that ObamaBear is not out to kill off the population, fry our guts, AND FEED THEM TO THE WHALES? No yoyo does.

The bear is FEAR, ah, personnified, sort of (animalsonnified?). And fear, they tell us, WILL KILL you. ...FEAR ITSELF, as good 'ole FDR said it.

Overworking this thing would be sinful, such as to try to satisfy all of the rantings of yoyos around the world. I refuse, ever so politely!

Comment Posted By Mannning On 29.09.2009 @ 21:05

When you're tracking a highly dangerous animal-say, a grisley--you first pick up disturbances on the ground or bushes. As you follow the weak signs, they tend to get fresher and more definitive: the outlines of pawprints become clearly forced into the soil, and the broken branches are quite new and dripping sap. Then you may hear grunts and snarls. If you persist, suddenly rising before you to his full 12-foot height stands the grisley bear, and his intentions are now quite clear indeed. You are his next meal. No escaping now: such bears can run at 35 mph, and I do not think you are that fast.

Experienced trackers would have picked up that it was a grisley very quickly, and would have made proper preparations in case of an encounter with this most fearsome animal in the North, including retreating to the truck to get a high caliber rifle and pistol, asking others to accompany them to provide even more firepower, and walking in a skirmish line to give everyone a good shot.

I see your so-called kooks as amateur trackers that have picked up early signs of the bear, but have little idea what they need to do next. The professionals are not on site yet, but the bear is lurking around, for sure, snorting often (too often!), and making his presence known, although at some distance.

These anateurs know well that they could lose their lives to the bear, so they make noise, shout, wave their hands wide and all those things that just might scare the bear off. None of them had the wisdom to carry a good weapon in the midst of grisley country. Of course, they look like bumbling fools and idiots to an observer that is blissfully unaware of the bear signs and sounds that provoked those people.

But, the grisley bear is really there, and will be for the time being...

Comment Posted By mannning On 29.09.2009 @ 18:02


Talks with Iran have been ongoing for close to 6 or 8 years now over their nuclear program. Talking has achieved quite a lot, principally the time for Iran to build a network of nuclear facilities, to process weapon grade uranium, to build medium range rockets able to carry the nukes, and to build an air defense network to protect their facilities.

You want yet another round of the same? In another 6 to 8 years we could talk our way into Iran building long-range missiles and multiple-target warheads. Quite a success story for a nation that defies the West and threatens Israel with total destruction.

It is beginning to seem like the West is not able to muster the courage of their convictions regarding Iran, and is resigning itself that Iran will obtain nuclear weapons.

One exception is Israel, whose very existence is at stake if Iran succeeds. There is a distinct possibility that Israel wants to attack Iran to force them into a response that would drag the US into the fight, thereby insuring far greater destruction of Iran's warmaking capability and nuclear facilities than Israel could achieve alone.

Consider that to do a thorough job on Iran, many dispersed sites must be hit, each of which is defended against air attack. To roam all over Iran finding and hitting nuclear-related sites, air superiority and suppression of air defenses must be achieved. This in turn means that central command and control sites and communications facilities must be taken out, as well as any number of radar sites and missile or gun installations. If the US joins the fight, all of these goals become feasible.

Having achieved this superiority, then, larger aircraft can be sent into Iraq carrying the huge bombs needed to penetrate deeply buried facilities. Some of these weapons weigh 20,000lb or more, and can be launched out of C-130s rear ramps, or from large bombers like the B-52 and B-2 that only we have.

Comment Posted By Mannning On 27.09.2009 @ 07:05

I will add that nukes are not the weapons of first choice for Israel. Their attack will be conventional to begin with...

Comment Posted By Mannning On 26.09.2009 @ 20:18

Ever think that what you have said is totally off the mark?

The money the US has given Israel is beside the point.

The population of Israel is beside the point, except as targets for Iranian rockets.

The industrial strength of Israel is beside the point.

All are pointless in the face of a situation that is not under our control.

We cannot stop Israel from attacking Iran.

We cannot stop Iran from retaliating. We cannot stop Iran from retaliating against the US population and facilities if they elect to do so.

If they do attack us we will be at war with Iran.

Moaning about what we have spent on their behalf is simply stupid. But then there are such people as Jew-haters, too, that don't give a da*n what happens to Israel. I might have provoked one here to try to argue about money the US spent!

The Islamic states that surround Israel are professional Jew-haters, and they have significant armed forces, and lots of "irregulars" to wreck havoc, and plenty of Iranian rockets to rain down on Israel.

Yes, poor Israel, when it is becoming clear that Obama and other clowns are in the process of backing away from them.

This is his test. I believe he will fail it.

Comment Posted By Mannning On 26.09.2009 @ 20:10

who gives a da*m whether Bush did the right thing or not? We are in the Obama Presidency now, and it really sucks on foreign policy and apologetic speeches, not to mention spending us into poverty. Obama owns the problem now.

Iran represents a real test of Obama's single term of disaster, quite similar to that of Jimmy Carter, and probably with identical results--zip.

I pity Israel facing the hostile Islamic nations around them alone, thanks to the idiot in the White House.

Comment Posted By Mannning On 26.09.2009 @ 12:27

The world can’t operate in the theoretical. And any open causus belli by Iran is not likely; no nuke tests, no parading nuclear tipped Shahab missiles down the streets of Tehran. For that reason, the world will never believe that Israel - or the US - would be justified in bombing Iranian nuclear facilities.

I suggest that Israel is not concerned with "world opinion" or with possible "world actions." They are concerned with the practical considerations of what if Iran gains nuclear weapon capability and when. They are in survival mode.

I suggest that Israel has already made a decision to attack Iran regardless of UN, US or other world opinions, and is pacing themselves to see if anything at all comes of this latest set of revelations and discussions, so long as their intelligence tells them that they have time.

Time is running out for them, however, and the go-ahead for attack is near, I believe--nearer than ever.

If Israel does attack Iranian facilities, the extent of the follow-on conflict depends heavily upon Iran's earlier threat to include US facilities in their responses, as well as whether the US would support Israel once they are under counterattack.

With a nutcase running our foreign relations and involvements, who knows? Would Obama order the USAF to prevent the IAF from overflying Iraq? would our AF obey?

Comment Posted By Mannning On 26.09.2009 @ 11:13


Telling ideologues from the left or right that their words and actions are wrong and hurtful is, in my opinion, useless. Why? Because it will not change these ideologues, it casts a pall over the good people that do not have these ideas, and, more importantly, it wastes time, effort and brainpower on the part of people such as you that could have far better things to say about how to change things in the country for the better.

How to make the conservative movement better. How to win elections in 2010 and 2012. What the winning issues are, and how to sell them. How to have a positive influence instead of a negative one. Yes, "how to win friends and influence people!" How about simply ignoring BDS'ers, birthers and truthers, etc, and look for worthwhile ideas for a change?

Comment Posted By mannning On 19.09.2009 @ 22:39

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