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Mr. Moran: I must hand it to you: You may be a curmudgeon (with whom I acrually agree on occasion -- although not on this occasion), but at least you are consistent in your curmudgeonliness: You suck up to no one. That honesty is a virtue hidden like a pearl in the oyster shell of your... well -- curmudgeonliness! We need a few bloggers like you in the Republican Party, and -- though you will be loved by few -- I suspect that you will be read by many.

P.S. My take? Rush rocks and Steele ... well.... his performance has been pretty pathetic thus far!

Comment Posted By man_in_tx On 2.03.2009 @ 21:21


Great post, Mr Moran -- and thank you for your clear thinking. Clear thinking vis-a-vis Israel -- and, especially, vis-a-vis Israeli use of force against its enemies seems to be in very short supply these days.

Your suggestion of squadrons of IAF Sopwith Camels is hilarious: Still, the Liberals would have problems with those, as well. (After all, how many Sopwith Camels are there in the Hamas Air Force?)

Comment Posted By man_in_tx On 29.12.2008 @ 14:00


A LOT of folks don't really care whether or not he believes in ID or evolution or what is taught of either of these competing theories in public school classrooms.

Then again, a LOT of folks (myself included) actually believe in creationism and have no problems with ID's being taught in the classroom.

That leaves the hoity-toitier folks like Mr Moran, who feel a deep need to wring their hands endlessly over this non-issue, which is okay, provided they understand that they hardly speak for the majority.

Comment Posted By man_in_tx On 26.12.2008 @ 20:13



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