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The Electoral Vote is another way to hold the people down and not allow the voice of the people to be real. Because they can't trust us and me fellow Americans. It is like taxation without representation - and all the pork belly pigs put together.

There should be no such thing as a career politician there should be term limits and they should be out of office.
This would clean up Washington and should make they much more transparent. However if you insist in having Obama I will be glad to let him take the failed economy down more and the Dem's get the blame.

I never really realized how many socialist we have.

Comment Posted By llmpo On 17.10.2008 @ 13:34

From my post number 56 and to all the following ones

1) I am highly educated and I am not an elitist; I can do surgery and economics too. I am a mother, a wife and have 3 children. I own my own business.

2) Have you every owned your own business. You know even if you have a good year and have $250,000.00 profit based upon maybe employing say 15- to 20 people you MUST put money aside for rainy days (or months like now) to work hard to keep the employees you have employed even when your business is off. This will not really be enough. Consider that one of your main piece of equipment you need to do your work is $60,000.00 and you have to replace it in a downturned economy, so now your money set aside is $190,000.00; and another issue you just got a rate increase on your health insurance and you know that your employees will probably not be able to afford an increase in the portion they contribute and that several will probably drop insurance if there is much change, but beside the premiums the copays and deductibles go up and co-insurance percentage the employees of this company pays- so they decide to use this to help with the premiums, this leaves them with less money to protect the employees they have as the struggle to make ends meet in a loosing economic time. You just do not get it. The trickle down effect is better for the economics in the country. This is where the country turned around from before, not from large corporations driving the employment. If you want to tax businesses and people $250,000.00 should not be the number it needs to be higher. This is not big money and the taxes on this are huge already the government initially takes 35.65%, and you have to pay more when you file, for a family of 5 and having usually 25k to 30k in medical expenses. This is too much. If you tax this class of people they will not hire people to clean homes, do yard work, clean cars, do home repairs- you think spending is down- I have never seen so many expensive cars in Wal-Marts parking lot. Just you wait if Obama wins you have seen nothing yet. "Robin Hood Plans do no work" I am not want the rich to get a tax break- but $250,000.00 is not rich it might be a good year and then back to $45,000.00 for 5 people to live on, you do not get it. I believe you do have a wealth envy idea, sorry have you looked at how little Obama will put in your pocket? The one year we were even close to that $250K area we gave over $12,000.00 to charity, ya a lot more the Biden gave last year!!!!!!!!! He gave $1000.00 and look at what he reported on his released tax return. Like I do not get it-

It is not a replay of Bush, McCain and Bush have disagreed on many issues. He thinks differently. Clinton road the tailcoats of the previous economics which Reagan put into place and Bush senior continued- do your history- Clinton did nothing to keep the economy going- beside keeping the same federal chairman- Greenspan. Remember Clinton was a good public speaker and look at what we got with him? I sure do not want to just vote based upon a good speaker. He (Clinton) had a chance to get Bin Laden and passed it up, for what? So that friends of our family would die in the world trade center? I do not want their one-sided judgement. McCain steps across the party lines, Obama does not. What type of person gets things done in Washington? A person who is not dependent upon only their party to get items passed.

Wake up American - if the man seems too good to be true he probably is-

However, I do think if a company is "OUTSOURCING AMERICAN JOBS" they should be paying more taxes here. They should not be able to get away with this since these major corporations have contributed to the mass unemployment here in this country- this includes my husband. And now we have the health care insurance issue of insurance being too high to afford. I do believe the $5000.00 will not be enough to help, but having grown up in "socilized" medicine programs as a military child I can tell you having totally socialized medicine is not the way to go. Look at Canada and how long people have to wait for major surgeries. I know many who come here for surgery and treatments due to the two plus years of waiting.

Comment Posted By llmpo On 17.10.2008 @ 04:26

I often wonder just how people view potential Presidents. I look at them from all side, and when some ones words and message seems to good to be true it usually is. Just because Obama can speak well and has a good speaking manner does not mean he is meant to be our President. I felt in the debate the he showed his teeth, smirked and showed signs of stress in his appearance. We have not seen this attitude much before, usually he was a cold fish. I also research how they have voted, and what they have voted for in their own states.I have always thought the McCain was a great leader and a free thinker trying to change our politics from the inside out. Here is our chance to get it right this time. Sometimes it is not about the party they are with, but the issues only. Being a good or great public speaker does not guarantee a good President. How many of you know how much the politicians- and how much they care about their fellow man? Are you aware that from the facts I have found the Biden gave about $1000.00 (one thousand dollar to charity last year) look at his income vs donations. This tells me that the robin hood plan the democrats have is not something that they would practice what they preach, they do not "Get It!" nor do they really have feelings for the average man. They are elitist- they know what is best for us after all we are considered behind closed doors to be "Joe Blow Six Pack" which is the term the lawyers us to describe the general population (you and me) that we are not educated enough to make these tough decisions, John McCain trusts us enough with our own money. Look at them for their values.I can't stand the though of tax increase, and the threshold (%250,000.00) will hurt business which are struggling to keep their doors open as it is and now taking money from them will guarantee a big recession and lack of new employment and the failing economics will plunder us further. Really folks open your eyes and think, I believe most of you are just voting for a pretty face. John McCain has the commitment and the scars to prove it. He may appear a bit stiffer in his manor but do not let this stop you from voting for the right person for the right time.

I do not want a person leading this county who does not trust us, Americans to make our own decisions on how to spend/use our money, if he (Obama)can't trust us - why should we trust him?

Comment Posted By llmpo On 16.10.2008 @ 18:54



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