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For dingo:
Clarice Feldman writes regarding alleged outing of Plame by Libby:
“We don’t intend to offer any proof of actual damage.” (Fitzgerald, responding to defense motions, 2-24-06)
Feldman continues,
"Good thing that, because he’d be hard pressed to find any. By Bob Woodward’s account the (CIA) has done an informal assessment and found no damage. The history of Ms. Plame’s employment, during which she was twice outed—once by Ames and a second time by the agency—means that if she still was at work in 2003 doing undercover work (the only way revealing her identity might create harm) a lot of people at the agency were criminally negligent.
"Despite repeated reference in the indictment to Mrs.Plame’s “classified” status, the prosecutor refuses to produce any evidence of it."

For Dave:
This incompetence and bureaucratic game playing led directly to the tragedy of 9/11.

Precisely. Your so-called Bin Ladin alert was nebulous. There was no concrete evidence to base actions on. The Gorolik Wall saw to that.
And your tired WMD red herring has lost its aroma. There are credible links to Saddam having shipped his nucular weapons program out of Iraq, likely to Libya, using Russian spetznaz troops, and assuredly involving Syrian complicity. Why he did it is an enigma, but the evidence is mounting that he did. His own field commanders were kept in the dark. Aside from the nucular issues, you must have had your head up your ass the last two years not to recognize that Iraq had the capability and the intent to both develop and deliver biological and chemical weapons systems. The component parts were found.

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