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Flagwaver and ScottAln have it right. Miers was a joke, a deer in the headlights--like the man who selected her. From what many of the Senators said who interviewed her, her answers, WHEN AUDIBLE, didn't make a whole lot of sense to where even liberal Arlen Specter said her answers (in the first questionnaire) were unacceptable. She was/is a lightweight, like the man who nominated her. Her judicial experience and political positions held were next to nil. Tonight, ironically, SHE will be helping a man who shouldn't need one iota of help to select her replacement!! While I can tell who the freepers are in this blog and who the true conservatives are, I don't deny the freepers/RINOs/liberal GOPers their "sense of loss". They are correct; Bush HAS been weakened, but then, Americans (as we saw with the philandering and woman-abusing Bill Clinton) were and are very forgiving. Replacing Miers with Luttig, Alito, Owens or Rogers Brown would I'm sure bring back some of the Base. After all, it was his promise to select strict constructionists that got Bush relected. Many conservatives voted for him holding their noses ONLY because of that promise. What none of you mention in this blog are Bush's other problems than the Miers disaster and the aides' legal troubles--illegal immigration. While nominating a Luttig would definitely help Bush IN THE SHORT RUN, he has failed so miserably at the Southern Border that many conservatives (like me) left the party years ago knowing he was going to do next to nothing to anger his big business friends. However, The Minutemen and others who want the President to fulfill his oath of office and stop the Invasion from Mexico have forced the issue into the public eye. Anger towards the neo-cons, RINOs and Libertarian consevatives on illegal immigration is stronger than any other issue, except perhaps the swing vote on SCOTUS. It is clear to this conservative that Bush needs to clean house and bring in some real conservatives. Reagan did it in 88-89 and so have other presidents. But if Bush fails to recognize that the Base--including many Independent conservatives like me who once voted for him--he will find that the hubbub over Miers from the Right was awalk in the park compared to what is coming if he continues to push amnesty for illegal aliens on the country. I do not, by the way, disagree with my disenters here that A weakened Bush is good for Demos and band for the GOP. The GOP has controlled all three houses of power in the country for some time now, and has had at one time event SCOTUS making conservative-minded decisions. The party out of power is bound to make some inraods in a mid-term election--you should expect that. I didn't vote for Bush this last go-round; I have no dog in the hunt if he fails and becomes a 3-year lame duck. I want the COUNTRY to succeed, and I believe it can do so with or without Bush leading the way. He is simply oout of touch with Americans. He's a president who is clearly in big business' pocket. However, I hear that he is quietly nominating conservative District Court judges to try to fix what Clinton had broken with so many liberal appointments in his last 4 years. Even if the GOP loses the House or the Senate, which is unlikely, we MUST get the COURTS away from the Left--for that is where the Left has destroyed so much in our country. In closing, let me say that Bush therefore has a chance to win MANY of us over if he proceeds in two areas he was remiss in during his first 4 years--sealing our Southern Border with the National Guard or Army and nominating a brilliant conservative like Alito or Luttig or Owens or Rogers Brown aling with continuing to nominate the lower Disctrict Court conservaitve judges. If he wants his legacy sealed in the hearts of conservatives, the people who barely got him elected in both elections, he needs to take charge, abandon his amnesty-for-illegal-aliens plan and do what he was sworn in to do--protect and defend the United States of America from invasion and all enemies. It wouldn't hurt his chances of regaining our support if he also went after the ACLU, slapping them in every state with RICO.

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