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It's sad that so many are apparently cursed with short memories.

I remember back in 2004 when the Dems lost seats in both the House and Senate (including Tom Daschel losing his seat) and Kerry lost to Bush. To quote Washington Post writer John F. Harris on the day after the 2004 election: "It is still a divided country, but the evidence was clear that it is becoming a more Republican one."

The Dems then went into circular firing squad mode. Many pundits, talking heads, and blog posters opined that the Dems would be lost in the wilderness for years to come. Now they're saying basically the same thing about the Republicans.

The Republicans will be back in force and probably sooner than most think. And it will most likely be caused by the Democrats mistakes and over-reaching as opposed to Republican ideas or leadership.

Comment Posted By Leah On 13.03.2009 @ 22:35


". . . when he does something wrong"? How will you know? Because of the bannered headlines in the NYT revealing presidential perfidy? Because of the in-depth investigative reporting of the WaPo? Are you out of your mind? With political allies like you, we don't need no Soviet Union. To the mattresses! I'm bringing my gun to this knife fight!

Comment Posted By leah On 14.10.2008 @ 18:48



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