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To: SAHMmy

Can you believe it?
I do my best to expose these bloated pretenders.

Banned but not out.

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 3.11.2006 @ 20:02

To: Deagle

I have nothing to be ashamed of. I did not vote for George W. Bush, ever! Your own words prove my point. It is obvious that you think Clinton’s lies were more harmful to this country than the Bush lies that led to three thousand Americans dying in Iraq. You actually believe this folly to be rational thought. You are probably just the kind of guy who would have laughed at Bush’s vulgar joke about not finding WMDs under his desk even as our troops on his orders were dying looking for those very weapons. You are stuck on what a twenty something year old said thirty five years ago even as this mature in age President claims that he would do it all over again regarding Iraq, knowing what he knows now. Republicans that I worked with during the nineties wanted Clinton impeached during his FIRST term. The Right wanted to impeach him evermore when he attacked Ben Laden’s terrorist camps. They showed an extreme lack of insight when they accused Bill of dropping Lewinsky bombs even as the bad guys schemed against us.
The reality is that for every Clinton lie that you can come up with I can give you five Bush lies and he still has two years to go. With all due respect the shame should be all yours. You are stuck on stupid about the past of Democrats even as you are blind about the present incompetence exhibited by this Administration. It was this president who sent our brave young people off to battle without the proper armor (on a pack of lies). How many lives did that cost America? Where is your outrage? You’re stuck!
I don’t whine. I educate and smack down partisan hacks, their inconsistencies and their twisted logic, disregarding the pain I cause them. Before Right Wing talk radio started to ban me I regularly gave this Administration many solutions to the problems that they created. They have half implemented some of them, botching the job all the way. Prior to the 2004 election the Democrats did the same and this Administration stole their ideas, repeated their ineptness as they proclaimed “Kerry wouldn’t do anything different than we’re already doing”. The entire media let these buffoons get away with that and a multitude of other lies and irrelevant issues (vote for Bush because he goes to church more often than the Dems). As we define our troops as some of our best and brightest they are dying because of Bush’s blunders. Meanwhile you’ve got Kerry on the brain. The next time you make points try to do it in a way where they won’t reach back and bite you in the… My apologies, I digress.
Virtually every political speech Bush makes is broadcast or covered as news on all of the major cable news stations including MSNBC. These are political freebees that were never given to Clinton when he was President. Monica Crowley, Tucker, Scarborough, Alex Witt, Buchanan and Alison Stewart are all Right Wingers or Republican sympathizers who wear their MSNBC Conservative leanings on their sleeves. Imus claims to be a Democrat even as he trashes his purported kind while holding his nose as he endorsing them. Chris Matthews only recently (after the 2004 election) found his balls and started hitting Republicans as hard as he hit Democrats. He still hates everything Clinton related. Keith who had always leaned a little to the left decided that he would give America the ugly truth warts and all. It’s not Keith’s fault that Republicans are more scandal ridden, untruthful and incompetent than Democrats are. When the truth is told Republicans see it as bias. They point to all of the negative Republican stories in the news relative to those run on Dems as proof of liberal bias. Your whining about MSNBC kind of reminds me of a mass murderer complaining about the negative press that he is receiving vs. that of his accusers. Duh! Liars need to be exposed or else they will never stop lying.

Banned but not out.

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 2.11.2006 @ 10:20

Six thousand Americans saw their demise on George Bush's watch right before our eyes and Republicans have Kerry on the brain. Iraqi clowns in command of our guys, stops the search for a lost G.I. and Republicans have Kerry on the brain. Our brave young troops are dying, Bush crisscrosses this country lying and Republicans have Kerry on the brain. Just like when Bill was President, it’s the same crass resentment, only then it was a Clinton they disdained. Of course the media chimes in with Right Wing propagandic spin and the Conservatives will probably win again.

Republicans always seem to know what’s important for America.

Banned but not out

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 2.11.2006 @ 02:31


To: Neo and The Regulator

It’s a good thing that we dodged that bullet otherwise two thousand Americans might have died in Iraq since 2004,five million illegal immigrants might have invaded our land and North Korea might have exploded a nuke. Our deficit and the cost of the Iraq War in might have increased by four hundred billion dollars and gas prices might have increased. Oh wait all of that did happen! Well at least Bush prays a lot. Boys, I think it is time for you to start sucking your thumbs.

Banned but not out.

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 2.11.2006 @ 16:13

Sorry folks, you really missed a good one.

Banned but not out

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 1.11.2006 @ 08:35

What’s the matter Rick?
You can’t handle a little reasoned thought?

Banned but not out

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 1.11.2006 @ 08:26

Sorry about those typos above. I guess I put too many exclamation marks in my text due to my being so shocked. The fifth sentence of that first paragraph should have read-
Absolutely totally hysterically shocking! I thought that I was shocked when it was revealed that Ted Kennedy tried to defeat a sitting Republican President a week ago but this has shocked me wholly out of my skull!
The last of the last paragraph should read-
We will all die horrible deaths if the Democrats win! Go Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush!

Banned but not out

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 1.11.2006 @ 08:23


To: Ian McPhail

When you say “the Democrats” have no plan as in a single unified proposal then you are correct. Talk radio, the main stream “liberal media” and virtually all of the Right Wing Blogs have lied by continuing to imply that Democrats have offered no alternatives to Bush’s many failures. As it relates to Iraq many Dem plans include vigorously getting the rest of the world involved with a strong emphasis on Middle Eastern countries coming into play. Of course this would mean relinquishing some authority over procedures and Iraqi assets. To a Right Wing domination freak this is almost like someone trying to remove half of their reproductive gene producing machinery. You are right about it being irrelevant. This Iraqi mess, our media and all of our government are 100% Republican managed. Any plan (good or bad) that the Democrats come up with is nothing but fluff for they have no power. Unfortunate for America this is exactly the way Republicans want it. They have all of the power (even as things spiral out of control) and that’s all that matters to them. It’s all about the power. The vast majority of Republicans are first and foremost, Republicans. They only vote Republican. Thinking is removed from the process.

Banned but not out.

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 31.10.2006 @ 11:03

To: Professor Blather

Sorry professor but I am not going to fall for that blather. If you want to read the various independent plans of the Dems then you’ll have find their web sites just as you had enough brains to find this one. I do have a request. Since Republicans only have one plan this should not take up much space. Other than us praying that things go right and our staying in Iraq until the Iraqis run out of IEDs. Please tell me the simple minded in sync boot stepping Conservative’s plan to fix Iraq and/or save our young soldiers from dying for the careless and feeble-minded ideas of the old fogies in Washington. And don’t give me any bull about them being volunteers because that does not make it OK for King Bush to toss nineteen year olds into the meat grinder on a whim.
Why do you idiots worship talk radio jocks? Other than their helping the Right win elections with their propagandic lies they always get everything wrong. And why do you believe that your “group think” (totalitarianism) is superior to the free thought /true debate crowd? Look at where it got us in Iraq.
Professor! You love irony? That explains your love of Republicans and Bush. What a bunch of budget busting free borders big government fascist lying hypocrites. You know, for some reason as I read your blog I took you for a “happy face” kind of guy.

To: Drewsmom

I know that Republicans through their advantage of the media has successfully lied and labeled those who dislike Bush’s policies and incompetence as haters so I will repeat myself. I don’t hate Bush. I don’t hate idiots. I just don’t want them running (ruining) my country. I am not the equivalent of the Right Wing Clinton haters who had pure loathing for Bill because he WON two elections. I hate ineptitude and unfortunately there are not enough people like me otherwise Bush would not be President. I base my vote on what is good for America, not some political party. It was Bush who didn’t get it. Bush protected us by ignoring Clarke, Tenet, Clinton, Hart, the Chatter and the PDB. He did nothing before 911 and that’s the only thing that propagandic ABC movie got right. He is doing noting to protect our borders even as reports of terrorist coming over trickle in. He attacked the wrong country! This is why talk radio tried to get everyone to love Bush with that propaganda campaign (Bush has character) early in his Administration. It apparently worked on you. When you love your leaders they can get away with murder. Where have you been the past twenty years? Look at the facts

1. Over six thousand Americans dead on Bush’s watch due to negligence and incompetence vs. roughly 120 deaths when Clinton was President.
2. Roughly 1,450 points added to the Dow vs. 7,000 for Clinton (over 5,000 in 6 years). The Dow more than tripled under Bubba- a feat that bested Reagan’s record.
3. Under Bush 3.7 million jobs so far vs. 15 million in 6 years for Clinton (over 20 million total), besting Reagan.
4. Poverty has increased every year of the Bush Administration except for one. Reagan had a similar start. Clinton’s record was the reverse.
5. Murders and gun deaths decreased nearly every year under Clinton and almost the reverse has happened for Bush.
6. GM and Ford were profitable under Clinton and are near entering bankruptcy for Bush and Reagan.
7. Roughly 14 million illegal aliens under Bush vs. roughly 1.5 for Clinton and over three million for Reagan.
8. Wages stagnated under Bush vs. wage growth under Clinton.
9. North Korea is in business making Nukes under Bush and Clinton stopped him for eight years (after N.K. had nearly completed a bomb during the eighties).
10. Since the sixties there has been a redistribution of wealth that Republicans have championed. Our companies and workers saw their compensation stagnate and fal while CEOs saw theirs jump ten fold. The worse everyone else does the better they do and their take home pay was compounded because their taxes on the money that they made (sic) was cut by two thirds. These are the people Republicans protect. I could go on but why? You guys love Bush because he is a Republican President and that’s it.

To all Conservatives

You Right-Wingers are pathetic. Bill Clinton made running this country look so easy you guys thought you could do it too. So when you gained control of congress you investigated Clinton to the nth degree and all you came up with is a stain on a dress relative to a personal failure. You impeached him anyway even as the terrorist was attacking America. You blew the terror threat off as nothing. You had no insight. Then you stole an election and started feeding America your brand of Republican curd. Now you are afraid that the Dems if they win will act as you did. Evil always believes that their enemy is worse than they are. I can’t possibly feel your pain.
Gaze at our once proud Nation. Countries around the World disrespect us because of Bush. He has left a stain on America. I have seen this sort of thing all my life. The thieves do not take care of the things that they steal. Look at you and your party now. A bunch of corrupt pedophilia money grubbing incompetent power hungry bumbling lying midgets that knows how to make two things happen, screw-ups and election victories. Look at what you’ve done to our country. Every past great nation fell because of their own unique cancer. For America it looks like ours will be Malignant Conservatism. With talk radio, the media and money on your side you might just be able to continue the pathetic record of George W. Bush. When you go to vote for your party please pray that they luck up and turn things around. Question. If you had known that Bush would fail so miserably would you have still voted the way you did? Now that I have enlightened you will you still?

Banned but not out.

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 30.10.2006 @ 10:41

Over the weekend I happened upon Usama’s Been Forgotten’s cell phone number so I gave him a call to shoot the breeze. He shares Bush’s optimism and is tickled pink about the prospects of Republicans retaining both the House and the Senate in this up coming election. Although he is aware of the various plans put forth by the Democrats even if Rick and the media isn’t, the fact that the probable victorious Bush party has a dumb unified “Group Think” plan gives him great comfort. From his point of view our Prez is the gift that keeps on giving. In his words “the business of killing infidels has never been better”. He asked me if Bush could send more troops to Iraq so that “Al Qeada can more easily kill Americans there”, so that he doesn’t have to “bear the expense of having to come all the way to the USA again”, and kill us here. For an evil misguided lunatic you would have to admit that he is very practical in his thinking, in a maniacal kind of way. The flip flopping news coming out of Washington has concerned him of late. Gone is stay the course. Gone is not setting deadlines. Gone is "When America says we'll do something," as the president once declared, "we are going to do it -- and finish the job". He is now saying that he will leave the open ended Iraqi problem for others to hopefully finish. The Evil One is in complete agreement with George on this one and the “Mission Accomplished” sign has been moth balled. The Supreme Terrorist told me that Bush said “The American people did not place us in office to pass on problems to future generations and future Presidents…”. I had to stop Usama to remind him that this was specifically in reference to the Social Security issue to which he replied “anything that makes America weaker makes me happy, Allah willing”. The phone conversation ended with me saying, “hello, hello… can you hear me now?”
So as the Right continues to seek out answers from the “mindless morons at the Democratic Underground” and their leaders, Bush and Usama’s Been Forgotten agree on more than the idea that Iraq is the Central front on the fight against terrorism. One thing is for certain. The Republican’s plan for Iraq is a real stinker that should have been buried before they got married to it. Invading Iraq was a bad idea that Bush never should have believed in. This was one time where believing in nothing (no WMDs) would have resulted in saving about one hundred thousand lives, four hundred billion US dollars and the respect of America. As a matter of fact that is not entirely true for Bush has said that even knowing what he knows now he would have still gone into Iraq (actually it is true and I think Bush is just lying again. No one is that stupid). The one thing that you don’t have to worry about is Democrats making the situation worse. Bush’s plan to go into Iraq already did that. When he un-diplomatically stuck his chest out and labeled Iran and North Korea part of the “axis if evil” his ineptness was complete. The world became a more dangerous place to live by his making that blunder.
Imagine for a second that you hired a contractor (who goes by the name of George W. Bush) to remodel your home and he totally botched the job. You are now being told by people like Rick that the guy (Bush) at the controls of the wrecking ball should have his own incompetent crew gas up the crane as they finish remodeling what’s left of your home. They have already busted the budget, destroyed the wrong bedroom and set fires at various locations on your property. Your future is in your hands. Remember that they have been wrong about everything. What are you going to do when the crew that finished a beautiful remodel next door (just before you started your project) is telling you that they can do better.
The Republicans have done what the Soviets couldn’t, put us in jeopardy. If you like the number that they did on America then once again listen to the Right-Wing talk radio nut case jocks, show up in hordes and vote more Republicans in so that these incompetent boobs can finish America off.

Banned but not out.

Comment Posted By larry in los angeles On 29.10.2006 @ 17:04

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