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I feel kinda bad. oh dear. I hardly ever work. had an appointment yesterday - and probly 3 months worth of income is right there for me... but I'm changing my ways. i'm going to keep working... and not sit back and read and study and not work further for 3 months. I'm feeling quite guilty that I can work so little... like 5 hours... and live for 3 months, possibly. I PROMISE.. I'll work more and start contributing!! Love your blogs.

Comment Posted By l On 24.12.2008 @ 11:05

Hey... ??... Rick, do you work 10-12 hours a day on jobs other than writing?? Other than journalism??

I'm really hoping that you're being supported by your writing and journalism and news reporting/editorializing.

Merry Christmas.

With the exception of the very early morning (4-7) my whole day until 6 pm is taken up writing and editing for AT and PJM. And you have a nice holiday as well.


Comment Posted By l On 24.12.2008 @ 11:01

I couldn't answer. I'm just starting to follow your blog after seeing you on AT.

No opinion.

Merry Christmas, Rick, and to all yours as well as your readers a Merry Christmas as well.

Comment Posted By l On 24.12.2008 @ 09:59


Michael Reynolds,

Thank you. You may be interested to learn that the Bible states, in the original language, that all atheists go to Heaven... eventually. The lake of fire is not vindictive and without end but remedial. It burns away every sin ever committed along with the sinful nature and prepares all mankind for the grace of God in complete and total restoration in sonship to God and perfection. That's my view because it's what the Bible in original language states. I always have a heart for atheists who are told they are going to burn in hell for eternity.

How does this relate to torture?? Well, don't you think that a view of God as an eternal torturer makes people think, "Well, if God tortures - it can't really be all that wrong to torture people... if it's "justified"." Eternal torture (eternal torment) is a false doctrine that instills really, really bad principles in people that they don't consciously comprehend is part of their weakness in character sometimes. I mean, it's not necessary to understand God loves and saves all in final restoration to be against torture - but it certainly brings us closer to the true heart of God in understanding grace and God's love for all people as His children - though some are prodigals. God views all people as His children - even those of diverse religions at this time. God will, from a biblical view in the original language, bring all prodigals home by granting them clear understanding and faith in Himself in salvation in the end. I just think that this view of "us against them" instead of seeing ourselves as all one family born of Adam and one family to be reborn of Christ in due season - creates this tendency to demonize and objectify people and that's when things get dangerous.

I just don't expect that the Islamicists, however, can take so gracious a view because their religion doesn't teach grace rather than law and compulsion and such. However, Christianity is a loving religion - and all weakness towards God's grace and love for all people is best removed by clarification - so that we can see and know the great love with which God views all mankind - even those who do not believe in Him or those who follow another religion - still God loves them, died for them, and will have ultimate grace and mercy on them in restoration. I think the more Christians know and realize that truth, the less adversarial they will be in positions of power and the greater grace they will have. Abraham Lincoln, I believe, it is promoted he held this view. (Though, honestly, I personally cannot see the war against the South as a "Just War" because I do believe in liberty and the rights of free states to secede. Nonetheless, though I cannot agree with his declaration of war against the South - I still think his character showed a humility that is present when we realize that God does not have "have" and "have nots" in His mind... but rather has all people in His heart in love and will bring all to a place where they truly do believe and desire to spend eternity with Him in love of their own free wills... one day. That, as a Christian faith, to me lends greater grace to all.)

Hyperion... you may be right. I will grant you that - I may be wrong and you may be right. It is challenging for me. If political power can be raised to prosecute - I don't think I will defend any. After all, I saw soldiers who received higher orders prosecuted... and I did not appreciate how law was applied to them and not others. I will cede to the will of the people. I am having a challenging time, honestly, determining what is "right" and what is "wrong" in relation to prosecution of these crimes. I very strongly believe in human rights - and the need to hold a firm line against torture. I even could not feel strong conviction inside myself when I said it's too late now. Nixon was impeached and pardoned. The law was upheld, yet the dignity of the office was upheld as well. You may be right and I may be wrong and I will not strenuously debate my position because I do not hold it with inner conviction that I am standing on a firm foundation of justice and right and wrong. I think I'll pray about it and leave the matter to the Lord. If you raised a strong consensus on the matter, I would not be on an opposite side opposing you on it. That's all I can say.

Merry Christmas to all.


Comment Posted By l On 24.12.2008 @ 10:18



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