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Let's add to the list Vince Foster's 'murder', a theory roundly espoused by the drug=addled Mr. Limbaugh. And toss in 80% of Gallup-polled Arabs from 6 ME countries a few years back, who believed that Jewish pilots flew the planes into the WTC. And the preponderance of blacks and gays who believe that AIDS was created by the federal government to target specific groups. And folks who think OJ was framed by the LAPD (the evidence pointed to OJ- aha- proof positive it was a frame!) It's the politics of ignorance and bias. And it lies in more places than I care to notice.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 24.05.2006 @ 05:33


Great piece, Rick. The Sox remain virtually unknown, victims of the marketing masterpiece that is the Cubs: Wrigley Field, ivy, the WGN Superstation and hapless, ill-fated, defeatist ball clubs. I'm uncertain of your eco-political observations for two reasons. The Cubs are at some level a capitalistic triumph. And the Sox haven't been market-responsive until relatively recently (they've been awful for decades). Still, it's great to see the Sox rising out of the ashes of anonymity. I hope their assent continues.

Here's the truth. The Democrats are the Cubs- hapless and defeatist- never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 21.05.2006 @ 05:26


I'm familiar with the feeling of watching my party abandon me- it happened circa 1972. I've been waiting ever since for the Dems to come around. Fortunately, I didn't hold my breath.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 17.04.2006 @ 09:45


callamachus recently coined the phrase "American Pessimism" to describe the phenomenon that you discuss. It's not quite as harsh as 'anti Americanism' and may be more accurate- certainly of the Dem Party, as opposed to the Further Left.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 17.04.2006 @ 06:38

"The turning point of course, was Viet Nam." Right after the 1968 elections. By 1972, the Dem Party would've been virtually unrecognizable to JFK.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 17.04.2006 @ 06:26


In fairness, the Administration has engaged in plenty of wishful thinking. The Right has a vile distaste for the weakness of appeasement. The Left warns of the consequences of paranoia. Reasonable men are left to discern the balance, if they are given the chance. Secretary Powell never was.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 16.04.2006 @ 07:02

"They believe that if they talk long enough and persuasively enough, they can change these gimlet eyed radicals into reasonable people."

Bingo. Wishful thinking at its highest.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 16.04.2006 @ 02:30


Political reality 101: right or wrong, there's precious little support for a preemptive miltary action against Iran. It's Iraq fatigue. That won't necessarily stop the neocons but it should.

Second, I distrust the current Bush Administration regulars to effectively wage war in Iran, given the religious, economic and political complexities in the region.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 14.04.2006 @ 06:54

Kristol and friends thought Iraq would be relatively easy. Toppling Saddam was. Nothing else has been.

The thought of a nuclear Iran scares me to death. But you're reached the correct conclusion, Rick. America, as great as she is, will be unable to extinguish the nuclear ambitions of Asian nations, North Korea being the most recent example. I'm old enough to remember when nuclear proliferation was a relatively abstract notion. We're here, baby. It's a brave new world.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 14.04.2006 @ 06:36


In the meantime, while we play Hamlet, nothing stands still. The problem gets worse every day.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 8.04.2006 @ 06:25

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