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Rick- I know that you know this but you're a very clear thinker. It's appreciated.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 7.06.2006 @ 05:09


An excellent tribute. A generation later- we get the beloved Baby Boomers. Some of us followed the tradition of our fathers, many of us did not. We look small in comparison.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 7.06.2006 @ 05:22


Geek, Esq. (#5). Very well said. It's reality. The definitive statement in this vein is from the brilliant Callimachus at "Done with Mirrors", who simply says, "If you only want to fight perfect wars, first you have to invent perfect warfare."

This doesn't justify autrocities; it merely recognizes that autrocities happen in war. We prosecute them as crimes under the military's code of justice, affording due process to the alleged murders. Get over it.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 3.06.2006 @ 06:30


Why is it that the Left always sees flagrant America-bashing (especially when done overseas) as the height of patriotism? That always slays me. It's somewhat akin to the old saw that "they wouldn't make fun of you if they didn't love you." Yeah, right- whatever.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 31.05.2006 @ 14:59

I won't argue with you about Gore; you're right, Rick. But I'm more than discouraged about treading water while we wait for Iraqi version of the Founding Fathers to show up and save the day. It's not going to happen. The average Iraq will remain noncommital and the ultimate resolution resides in Shi'ite mosques, not with the US. It'll be a Shi'ite theocracy with a democracy component as window dressing. My guys Colin Powell, James Baker and Brett Scowcroft predicted it in '91. To paraphrase Townshend: 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Comment Posted By kreiz On 31.05.2006 @ 11:40


Great post. I became a soccer addict in the mid-90s about the time my daughter started to play. For me growing up, it was always The Big 3- baseball, basketball, football. While I still enjoy those sports somewhat, I'd rather watch a soccer game anytime. (I don't follow it professionally- until World Cup time.) It's a great sport and great entertainment. Thanks for the soccer props.

An aside- the only sports I can endure on TV are US Open Tennis, Masters and British Open golf and World Cup soccer. I can't even bear to watch the World Series or the Super Bowl. In light of this admission, I might as well vote for a damn socialist. I'm sure I'll be labeled Euro-Scum- wholly undeserved for a guy from the Midwest.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 30.05.2006 @ 13:42


I used to listen to Rush a lot. It became increasingly obvious to me that he was so preoccupied by his blind rage toward Clinton that he was no longer a truth teller. To this day, he blames things on Clinton. Good grief. The guy left office what, 5 1/2 years ago? Statutes of limitations, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Comment Posted By kreiz On 25.05.2006 @ 05:56

So what? Clinton backed NAFTA. It was a good thing. Ergo Limbaugh's thesis that Clinton never did one good thing fails.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 25.05.2006 @ 05:51

and that was intended as "innocence". Sorry about the typo.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 24.05.2006 @ 16:00

Crawford (32): I listened to Rush's Vince Foster proclamations myself, dude, over a several week period. I've listened to Rush for years, understanding his penchant for tongue-in-cheek irony, humor and wit. He wasn't kidding. He was antagonizing, proferring that there were many unanswered and mysterious questions surrounded Vince Foster's death, even suggesting murder at the hands of the Clintons.

Do I think Rush really believed that Foster was murdered? I don't know. But it startles me that you can proclaim Rush's innocense and my idiocy based upon a single statement. You obviously have a psychic reach far beyond those of mere mortals. I also listened to Rush say, "name me one thing that Bill Clinton did that was good. You can't." (Presumably he forgot about NAFTA.) The ever objective Rush at it again- 24/7 Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Comment Posted By kreiz On 24.05.2006 @ 15:59

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