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'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

levi: Drink it up! Obama's verbal missteps have been so bad, yet so ignored that most have no idea how vapid his sizzle is. He is an awful debater. The man is a gasbag with no off switch at all. The paygrade remark is the most unbelievable remark I've heard in awhile; the stammering and poor grammar make me cringe. have you actually read any of his transcripts. These are not well writen things at all, forgetting for a moment the hyperbole of the "moment." Palin is much better off the cuff than all three in that she is believable, even though her range is limited. Unless she is allowed to return to her native abililities, however limited, she will fail.

Comment Posted By jrb On 29.09.2008 @ 12:20

The trouble with Governor Palin's presentation so far is reinforcing the McCain message and campaign talking points has been the priority vs. what talents and track record she has going for her. Biden is at his worst, as most Dems are, when they are touting Obama's non existent leadership and record. The debate isn't going to require her to be on defense as the interviewss have been to date. She should be herself. Its like bring up a rookie hitter from the minors and then making him change his swing vs. swinging away and making it on talent. She must play to her strengths and shut down the handlers. After all, more handlers have ruined than made a candidate.

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