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Joseph J. Ellis
exaggerated his involvement in the Vietnam War...
That is the official MSM version of Joey's Military Service.
The truth is: Joey Lied about his Military Service. In how many other ways has Joey slanted, embellished the truth? Does Joey know what the truth is?
Massachusetts has lots of famous people who lie about their Military service("Can we say traitorous Liar John Kerry").
Joey teaches at an all girls school in the peoples republic of Massachusetts.
GI-JOE teaches little girls, GI-JOE Lies to Little Girls ...So they will think think he is a big wise Macho Man. GI-JOE lies to the American public so they will think he is a big wise MACHO caring MAN. He is just a lying MAN.

Comment Posted By jorie On 29.01.2006 @ 02:08



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