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I don't see the problem with treating the 9-11 attacks as a crime and not an act of war. If we had done that perhaps osama would be in a prison now and the guilty arrested and tried instead of osama still on the loose while our resources are inadvertantly being used as a proving ground for an increasingly terrorism capable and bomb making iraq insurgency. When a crime is commited the guilty are hunted down, without the thousands of innocent lives lost of mostly poor dark-skinned people. Rove is preaching to the converted. When he says liberals of course he is refering to dems rather than republicans, wouldn't it be taken that way if Dean had talked about conservatives? Rove is a proven liar a creep such blather is expected and I agree that what he said is bullshit and lets quit hearing about it, totally un-newsworthy.

Comment Posted By joe hillman On 26.06.2005 @ 07:24



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