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“We can argue – and I have in the past on this site – that the Geneva Convention is ridiculously out of date, moldy in its thinking and laughably naive about men at war and the exigencies of the times.”

Utter bullshit. And there is no confusion or gray area about the reported techniques BUSH has sanctioned. They are TORTURE plain and simple and you are a torture apologist with the above “smarmy” posting. If you want to know what torture is ask John McCain.

Only a fool would equate the treatmenr of McCain in VN to anything that has happened to the animals in our custody. SAside from a few photos of humiliating treatment at Abu Grhab (sp) for the soldiers responsible were jailed, you left wing terrorist sympathisers/Bush haters have nothing to prove your contention we torture anyone. It's laughable that you consider water boarding, an interrogation method used ON OUR OWN SOLDIERS during their for SF and Pilot training as torture.

Each day we see the true colors of the liberals in this country as they try to undercut the troops by denying funding or give aid and comfort to the enemy by their constant rhetoric of how we have lsot the war and the surge is a failure, all despite obvious and stunning successes over the past 2 months.

The Democrats, 100% invested in Americas defeat in Iraq as they were in Vietnam are pushing the panic button HARD and will stop at nothing to defeat America in her WOT.

Comment Posted By jjv On 7.12.2007 @ 08:25

Safety of the families and CIA employees easily trumps whatever whiny reasoning the anti military pro terrorist left has for having the tapes. We all know the first thing they would do is splash them all over the web and network TV.

Comment Posted By jjv On 7.12.2007 @ 08:16



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