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This race has been the Democrats to lose for quite a while now. Hopefully, as more of a classical, and certainly not a neo-,conservative - I hope conservatives will look at the horrendous errors of President Bush's 7 years and figure out exactly what they mean by "conservative". It is time to re-examine our ideology and repent our errors.

Does conservatism mean one massive deficit after another? Certainly as a fiscal conservative I see no difference between "tax and spend" and "tax cut and spend" if it means fiscal irresponsibility and budget deficits.

Does it mean the destruction of the idea of subsidiarity? Have we decided that big government is good - and that that governance should be done as far from the problem as possible?

As a Christian conservative (but not particularly a social one) - does it mean torture? Are we going to mimic President Clintion with the lame "well, it depends on how you define torture"? Does it mean the violation of all known definitions of the concept of Just
War in the invasion of Iraq; and then the pathetic prosecution of that war until the last year? While it is both illegal and immoral for us to leave Iraq until there is a stable government and competent army to maintain order - we need to reflect on whether the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was ever the right thing to do.

Does it mean the abrogation of law by spying without a warrant? Holding prisoners without trial? Rendition to avoid the inconvenience of American standards for the treatment of captives? Does it mean the refusal to execute laws legally passed by the legislative branch because the executive branch doesn't agree?

Conservatives really do deserve to lose this election for allowing those who now call themselves conservatives to capture the mantle of what conservatism is.

Comment Posted By JCHFleetguy On 7.02.2008 @ 11:33


Actually - I do not see the problem. If Novo is working with embryonic stem cells - and rejecting cloning as a source - then they have limited themselves to the current stem cell lines.

This has been accepted by George Bush.

Comment Posted By jchfleetguy On 24.12.2007 @ 01:35


No punches from me - at least not in your contention that religion is too important in the current political campaign: for the Democrats and Republicans.

I am a "born again" Evangelical Christian with a blog called "Brain Cramps for God" and I agree.

I am going to give you some definitional advice: religion and faith are two very different words. Religion is a human institution that can certainly be designed to regulate behavior - and never has. It's primary function is to give people with similiar objects of faith ways to commonly worship.

Faith is the other word: "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see." All human beings who are not suicidal or terminally pessimistic share that - but faith is meaningless without an object. The question isn't whether folks have faith - the question is in what.

Religion is not a question for a politcal compaign. What a candidate places his faith and hope for the future of the country in is entirely a question

Comment Posted By jchfleetguy On 16.12.2007 @ 11:30



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